Southern Arizona ranchers ask feds for protection from cartel smugglers


Sen. Martha McSally with ranchers Jim Chilton, Tom Kay, John Ladd, and Ted Noon at border fence. [Photo by Huey Freeman]

A group of Southern Arizona ranchers are exercising their First Amendment rights in seeking a redress of grievances from their senators and congressman.

The following is a petition to the federal government written by several ranchers on the Arizona-Mexican border. These ranchers have to deal everyday with illegal crossings and lack of proper infrastructure that would make our southern border more secure.

Unlike politicians spouting talking points, these ranchers have first hand knowledge of what is really going on along our southern border. The federal government is failing to adequately protect the private property rights of these ranchers.

One of the ranchers, Jim Chilton, is a friend of mine and I have been on his ranch which lies south of Arivaca, AZ, and extends to the Mexican border. On the ranch, the Mexican border is marked by a four-strand barbed wire fence. That’s all.

There are many trails from the border through the ranch. Two years ago Jim set up cameras on two of the trails. During that time the cameras captured approximately 500 trespassers going both north and south. Jim suspects he has recorded drug smugglers.

The ranch headquarters has been burglarized twice and often water supply pipes to stock tanks have been broken. The smugglers have free run of the ranch because there is no real barrier.

The Petition:

Whereas, one of the most active drug smuggling and human trafficking corridors in the Nation is the international boundary between Nogales and Sasabe, Arizona;

Whereas, 25 miles along the border area south of Arivaca is marked by only an old four-strand barbed wire cattle fence;

Whereas, the Sinaloa Cartel has control of this 25-mile international boundary and of the thousands of square miles of minimally patrolled ranchland adjacent to it inside the United States, due to lack of adequate border infrastructure, the Border Patrol has been largely restricted to a “Defense in Depth” strategy which is inefficient due to rough terrain and inadequate access and allows the presence of well- equipped cartel scouts on top of our mountains to successfully direct drug and human trafficking;

Whereas, although the Tucson Station Patrol Agent-in-Charge and Border Patrol agents try their best to do their job, the lack of access and infrastructure, cartel scout presence, and rough terrain and inefficient “Defense in Depth” strategy creates a de facto “no man’s land” in which border ranchers live and work;

Whereas, the national Border Patrol Council Vice President, Art del Cueto, has asserted on national television that under the present situation, no more than 50% of illegal crossers are apprehended;

Whereas, Border Patrol agents are headquartered in Tucson, eighty miles and three hours from the border on our ranches and there are no roads paralleling the border and no efficient north-south access for the Border Patrol to respond to incursions; and

Whereas, current “defense in depth” strategy means the Tucson Station Border Patrol agents are dispersed across the 4,000 square miles of area of responsibility and are operating in the “backfield” instead of operating on the 25 linear miles of the actual border;

Therefore be it resolved, Border ranchers petition our government to construct an adequate security barrier such as a Bollard-style fence at the border, good all-weather, well-maintained roads leading to the border and along it, adequate, modern flood gates at water crossings, appropriate surveillance technology to monitor Border Patrol personnel and border status, air mobile support, and reliable communications for Border Patrol agents to call for back-up, and forward operations bases near the border barrier to effectively secure the international boundary between Nogales and Sasabe, Arizona.

The petition is signed by these ranchers: Jim Chilton, Chilton Ranch; Tom Kay, Jarillas Ranch; John R. Smith, Arivaca Ranch; Ted Noon, Oro Blanco Ranch; and Lowell Robinson, Tres Bellotas Ranch.

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  1. Give the ranchers the authority to shoot on sight any trespasser on their property and until the wall is built give the ranchers funds to pay for their own security forces. Once there is bloodshed out there… then the politicians will be forced to put up secure barriers and not the Pelosi Normandy barriers or the barbed wire fences. We need strong steel barriers with multiple layers of razor wire.

  2. Awww. Look at the ranchers wanting more rancher welfare from the government.
    I bet an intelligent fellow could figure out a way to get them to pass through without causing damage.
    But hey, let the government figure it out for you.

    • You truly are an idiot, aren’t you. Most of the land requiring a barrier on the border is not private land at all but, rather, is land owned by all of us and managed by the federal government for our — not illegal alien — benefit. It seems it isn’t the ranchers but you, and people like you, who truly want more welfare for from the government.

    • Adam, the trouble is that we don’t want them to “pass through”. That is called trespassing. Just another illegal act I hope you are not promoting. As far as the ranchers, and since you mentioned the Farm Bill, the farmers go then I reckon having food in the stores should not be a problem?

  3. Interesting that several of you believe that the ranchers should build their own walls and not use taxpayer money to protect against a national security breach yet believe that it’s ok to use taxpayer money for abortion, socialized medicine, and handouts for ILLEGAL immigrants.

    • The reason why they give food stamps is because of the Farm Bill.
      We should get rid of the Farm Bill.

      Sure, we can get rid of the rest – especially Social Security. That’s where most of my money goes.

  4. John Howes, I heard a news report the other day that at the trial of El Chapo, he actually started naming democratic politicians that live/work around the border but he was stopped because the dems don’t want their names out there. Reportedly they were democrats that were paid to look the other way while all illegal activity (drugs, etc) were being smuggled to our side of the border! This really needs to be stopped! If only some of them cared! Our children are being killed by the drugs and illegals! We absolutely have to have the wall!

  5. That is the most asinine statement I’ve heard! What good would it do for each rancher to build a wall, fence, barrier? The illegals would just walk around it! Problem not fixed.

  6. It amazes me that the cartels continue to own and control their operations from our own local mountain ranges. From a military perspective, why not assign a tactical military unit (OP) to act as the eyes and ears for law enforcement? Joint Task Force Missions (JTF) have been used in the past and present. By conquering the mountains, you have free range to 360 degrees. Now we own the mountains….

  7. One of these days. Probably too soon, the Dems will have all branches again and give voting rights to the some 11mil Mexican and other illegals. At this time, all you bleeding heart types will beg a rancher to save you from the inevedible decay of your cushey little ,short sided views. America will decline and your little spoiled rotten off spring can inherit what you leave. God, you liberals are blinded and ignorant.

    • Some years back when a rancher or 2 tried to protect their lands from the invaders they were sued and pretty much LOST everything! Your remember them down by douglas? They were not able to protect the lad they had, had water tanks and stuff torn up, houses robbed and you now say, “Build your own wall ranchers, to protect your land. Not my problem…”. They tried and lost. Now its the peoples turn to do something about the problem since they wont let the landowners do what they need to do.

  8. Imagine, dumb response, it is not an INDIVIDUAL RANCHERS problem. It is a problem CONCERNING THE TOTALITY OF THE NATION IN ITS ENTIRETY. It sounds to me that YOU DO NOT LIVE ON THE USA/MEXICO .BORDER

  9. I guess the landgrabbers couldn’t foresee these types of issues when they claimed this land as their own back in the day or maybe it was the US that stole this land and then sold it to these guys forebears. Either way it probably wasn’t the best place to have a ranch after all… If it’s private property they need to secure it not the taxpayers

    • It’s still the national border nitwit… you people need to listen to yourself sometime. I’m betting you’re not a property owner and you’re jealous.

  10. Look at all the trouble these ranchers made crying because some human beings are crossing across the land that was not theirs that’s ours I’m native American I never seen so many white crybabies in my life instead of helping the people you’re trying to kill him look at all the s*** that you made happen in this country over it then branches should be beating tarred and feathered and ran out of this country from from us native Americans white trash come into our land and start crying about a border that doesn’t exist

    • CC – why can’t American’s walk into Mexico and get a job, buy a house, open a business, move into that nation without issue? What are the Mexican laws… its pure and simple you will be jailed, you goods confiscated, you can’t do business.. the list goes on and on.. so who’s border is it? Just human beings crossing the non existent border right?
      maybe your more ‘American’ than you think…

    • Are you SURE you are native american? Have you tried to do ANYTHING on a reservation WITHOUT proper prior permission? Talk about border control, just ry doing something on a res and see what happens to ya. People had some years ago proper leases on the apoache reservation and the tribal president came out and said no more. Move the houses you built or lose them! Well I figured the tribe would reuse them as rentals for fishing/skiing etc as folks could not ‘move’ log cabins. Went up there a year or 2 ago, the cabins are still there, no doors, windows, roofs full of holes. An opportunity lost for the tribe. Navajos want $$ to take pictures of them, dont get caught trying to.

      As to the land belonging to the native americans, that is just a tale. The tribes had traditional areas of territory, but DID NOT have the concept of ownership. Yes the whites, starting with the SPANIARDS and PORTUGUESE were bad takers of stuff but the native tribes themselves were not so pure and innocent either. Remember there were no such people as “native americans’ they were natives of the americans. Americans did not exist until long after the 1600’s.

  11. Many, many kudos to these ranchers and, might I say, mighty fine Americans who simply asked their government for protection from foreign invasion and apparently major criminal activities taking place on their and American land w/o any apparent attempt at effective remedial action from said government. Instead of trying to take effective measures to stop this criminal action, one entire political party is continuing to promote the concept of an open border and reap the obvious benifits. Have we come to the point where we can no longer defend our borders or preserve some semblance of law and order? Build the Wall!

  12. Last time I checked, humans are above ANY endangered species!!! These ranchers along with ALL AMERICANS NEED BORDER WALLS TO SECURE OUR NATION. BUILD THE BORDER WALL,PLEASE PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!

  13. I have lived in Cochise County for 25 years. This is nonsense. There is no crisis down here whatsoever I have been listening to guys moan for years. At one time I lived on the Whitewater draw one and a half miles north of Sonora Mexico. There is no problem down here sure maybe 10-15 years ago there were some Crossings but not anymore I have not seen an immigrant cross the border in 10 years and when they did cross they were nice and I certainly didn’t go on these ranchers property with all their bobbed wire and razor wire and cameras and all that stuff don’t buy this crap it is garbage. These ranchers are more interested in the Republican agenda than they are in truth that’s all that’s going on with this nothing else it’s just propaganda come down here to Cochise County for yourself if you don’t believe me. If there is any problem at all it is coming through the Douglas and Naco ports of Entry that’s where the vast majority of any illegal activity takes place. I’ve been listening to this junk for 25 years years ago they were Crossings now I haven’t seen an immigrant cross the border and at least 10 years except through Naco and Douglas legal ports of Entry the only place you will see people immigrating these days. 20 years ago yes you would see 300 people coming across but now there are big Iron barriers throughout much of Cochise County wherever Crossing is possible and we have one of the biggest border patrol stations on Earth in Douglas near the Whitewater draw with all kinds of technology and drones and cameras and an iron barrier that has been up now for at least 10 years tired of hearing about this stuff it’s propaganda don’t believe it.

    • for those that see – and others are blind! You don’t see them because you don’t want to see them – I drive the road in the border area often, often see illegals moving, you are correct in that there does seem to be less of them, but not of those smugglers which operate so you don’t see them.. that is the point is it not? Yes I know they exist…

    • You are a liar! Anyone who lives in Cochise County knows of the problems firsthand. Go drink more koolaid.

  14. If its on their property, why can’t they put up their own wall? Why do they need the feds to do it for them. They don’t want them interfering in any other aspects of their business. If the people that live on the border and own the property there, want a wall, they should build it themselves and quit crying about it, and trying to get my tax dollars to pay for it. Is much rather have my tax dollars go to getting the V.A. in proper working order.

    • cus its called a ‘national border’ which you seem to not care to much about – you’d rather print more money to make the ‘nationalized medical system which is the VA work, it never will it’s government operated – your goal getting more for you for FREE? Oh you earned it – so did I by the way – combat vet – but they don’t owe me, or own me – which is something they seem to forget at times. Dangerous place the VA.

  15. Hope Trump gets that barrier put up! F**k the Dimwits! I have lived on the border and seen what is happening first hand! I can only conclude that the Demoncrats want the country completely destroyed…bastards!

  16. Start shooing them on sight!! If it was my loans I damn sure would..absolutely without a doubt in my mind..when the law fails to protect your property, protect it YOURSELF!! I would shoot everyone that set foot on it illegally and God sort em out!!

    • You can’t do that. Then you would be breaking law too. I understand. But always give good advice. You will find that in your Bible. Pray for those that trespass against you or land owners etc…..

    • Unfortunately I think that has been tried with the result that the rancher lost his land in lawsuit to the illegal he popped.

  17. You know what would be a far safer easier and less expensive way to solve these problems? A) Open the border for free passage, including on highways- hen why would people go through the trouble of walking through the Sonora desert?- And B) End the War on Drugs- if all drugs are decriminalized and made legal then cartels will be quickly run out of business. Oh, and you save thousands of lives and end the suffering of millions of people instead of turning the southern border into the DMZ of the West.

    • Wouldn’t that be nice.
      Surely all of us honest taxpaying citizens are eager to feed, house, provide health care, and educate the millions who would be coming through those open borders. Were it not for the fact that some countries use us as their welfare systems by encouraging their poor to come here to take advantage of our already-overburdened and extra-constitutional welfare system, I might agree. I wouldn’t, however, be opposed to individuals (rather than any other taxpayers) providing total financial support for those they’d like to sponsor.
      I can’t disagree with ending the war on drugs, but criminal organizations don’t stop doing bad things just because what they were doing is no longer a crime. They’ll continue making money by changing the products and/or services they’re pushing. Consider that drug trafficking could quickly evolve to more nefarious enterprises like child sex trafficking. Unintended consequences can be ugly.

    • hahahaha… because free everything will solve all the problems. When you are done dreaming, grow up.

    • I’m sure you mean well Jeffrey but your statement is very naive. That’s not a resolution to a problem, only an open door policy to literally the rest of the world and ALL the evils of the world. The Cartels business is not only drugs, it’s sex trafficking of adults and children. What should we do about that? Make it legal also?

  18. You can always count on the democrats to call racism – no matter what the subject. Sensors, drones & surveillance equip. seldom work other than getting to watch illegal aliens crossing the border into OUR country for a lifetime stay.

    • Just because you put your foot on us soil does not make you a citizen a green card holder it makes you an illegal immigrant violating US law

    • I worked for a company that was tasked to watch the border and report their findings via an unmanned air vehicle. They would call in their info and the BP did nothing about the sightings. I have personally reported suspected illegals to the BP and they were more concerned that the time was at shift change and nothing else. could not be inconvenienced it seems. I have come across them walking down the middle of the roadway about a mile north of a check point, called it in and again no real response other than a thank you for your time. Of course all this was during the bho regime so what do you expect from them now when they are really called upon to do their jobs. The idiots on the CNP were only given a tap on the hands and they think it was too much to handle so they will continue to litter and ignore the laws. All one has to do is just go for a hike around 3 points and see the crap that is left. Used to be a place along hwy 90 where all the discards were hung on the fences for all to see and then it was taken down and not allowed to be posted. It was on the fences around the sand ranch by the cavern a tourist site!

      While on active duty we placed ground radar out to do the same thing and got the same results! No one really cares until its too late.

  19. Martha McTrump is part of the problem, a do nothing, non elected, participation award Senator who has no clue as to the border issues. She is a member of the “swamp” that needs to go away.

  20. Don’t hold your breath if you expect Grijalva to do anything about this serious issue. Americans lives are stake and no one but President Trump has been willing to confront this problem head-on. Build the Wall. Make America Great Again.

  21. It’s white people wanting to take the law into their own hands and be their own border agents because they’ve think they’re experts since they own a ranch on the border and are mad about immigrant crossings.

    This particular one got me, requesting “appropriate surveillance technology to monitor Border Patrol personnel and border status, air mobile support, and reliable communications for Border Patrol agents to call for back-up” because of course elderly whites want someone to call, complain and have access to an immidiate response.

    The level of racism and entitlement is wild. Go farm literally anywhere else if brown people are such an inconvenience to you.

    • I bet you have a fence or wall around your home. Stop with the BS about brown people. Illegal is Illegal regardless of skin color.

    • You are a dumbass bitch, it doesn’t have anything to do with being brown. They would be upset if it was white Canadians coming across the northern border. God bless your heart.

    • You left out the word illegal immigrants cross at the border checkpoint you seem to be a little racist yourself

    • Ah, yes — another another poster child for everything that is wrong with racially bigoted, so-called liberal progressives incapable of critical thought.

    • Ashley, I’m a “brown person” who identifies as American, born and raised on the border. Your missing something very important in your racist claim, it is well documented that there are people from 40 different countries entering illegally through our southern border. This means people from MANY different nationalities and of every color. If you were home alone and a group of 50 ‘illegal immigrants’ showed up on your front door demanding what they want from you and if you don’t give it to them they are going to brutalize you, knowing that all local law enforcement are busy dealing with Cartel business. Oh ya, and emergency medical service is unavailable because they are using all ambulances to transport illegals to the hospital. Or…… and your young child are very sick and you go to your 1 local doctor and are refused service because they are required to treat illegals first. You then have to drive an hour and half to be seen by a doctor. While your busy running around trying to get medical treatment who’s taking care of your personal property so the illegals don’t vandalize and rob you? Of course all of these perks you receive as a taxpayer are taken from you and given to illegals entering this country. How would you feel about each one of these scenarios if it directly affected you? Fear? Madness? Anxiety? What would you do? I hope it’s not to cry out to your fellow Americans for help (aka our government officials) because their to busy playing politics. I hope for your sake you never have to deal with the Mexican cartel or illegals vandalizing your property but if people like you continue to believe everything the liberal media is feeding the American public then you to will have them on your doorstep demanding and promising physical violence. It’s only a matter of time. Good luck to you friend!

  22. I would like a wall around my property. I can’t afford to build one and maintain my current comfortable lifestyle, but I do not expect the taxpayers to step in and fund my wall. Wealthy ranchers can sell some of their PRIVATE PROPERTY if they lack the funds to build their own walls to protect their PRIVATE PROPERTY. A “rose” by any other name is still welfare.

    • A wall protects everyone…this isn’t just about their private property…open yer eyes… people like you are half the problem.

        • I spoke to a lady that was dating a “Coyote” new her for a while at a distance. Spoke English well enough for me to understand her. Says they pickup once here and off they go. They pay by head count. Then drop them off where ever. Same with drugs. U got past presidents did or doing drugs and Hollywood etc…. every president picks a drug I’m sure they hate and bam it’s war. I personally am not a user but it will never go away. Sad but true. It creates jobs money money money

    • Their private property is being invaded by foreign nationals. Why is it their problem?

    • A very needed wall at our border is not welfare. It’s a needed barrier to protect our nation. Build the wall and through out the unwanted invaders.

      • I agree while heartedly! No matter what, we need the wall to keep illegals, drugs and criminals out! Go President Trump! Build that wall!!

    • International boarders is of of the actual fobs of the fed Jack Ass… and protection of the CITIZENS you’re an idiot, I can’t wait for the war

      • Until you regain actual consciousness and learn to spell and speak English, don’t call anyone an idiot.

    • Really, I got News for you. It’s our tax dollars that are supposed to protect our borders. if your logic was so true they just as well-armed themselves ar15 and start shooting all them sons of b****** coming across the border that’s what our border patrols for ,build a border wall. it doesn’t matter if it backs up the private property and that’s the reason why we have a military you dumb s*** or taxpayers pay for that too.

    • I have two friends on 100 acres just north of the border and it is indeed a very dangerous place. Illegal immigrants have raided their property a few times and they’ve had to use force to defend it frequently. The political games being played on our border are disgusting.

    • Wealthy ranchers? Not sure where those are. 99 percent are small family ranchers many with outside jobs to make ends meet. Someone might be watching to many old Western movies or Bonaza.

    • Our borders are to be secured by our government. You need to get a clue. This isn’t a neighborhood with people like you walking on a lawn. These are illegal aliens breaching a border to being drugs into this country. I love how you try to call it welfare when it’s obvious it’s national security.

    • Nobody, other than you, is talking about building a wall around their respective private properties. What these ranchers are talking about is securing our national border from rinocrat induced illegal invasion. That is not welfare — anymore than a “rose” by any other name is actually anything other than a rose.

    • It’s against the law for a private citizen to erect any type of wall or barrier on an international border. The Obama administration declared there was a crisis on the border and budgeted the money to build a wall. It was a crisis under Obama, the number of illegal immigrants has increased by 300% since then and it’s still not a crisis?!! Oh ya, back to the budget…….the wiser question you should be asking is what happened to the money that was already budgeted for the wall under the Obama administration? And why did he not build it?!!! Oh by the way, you might want to fact check some of your allegations before you assume they are factual just because you want to believe what you’re trying to sell to other readers.

  23. I agree with the ranchers. I live just North of the Ladd ranch and have been on the boarder on and near Chilton’s ranch many times. Only simple cattle fence and lot’s of boarder crossing tracks. Very dangerous place, especially for the ranchers and recreator.s

  24. Are the ranchers going to stop doing photo ops with politicians who do nothing for them?

  25. Love McSilly’s picture. Looks like she is totally lost. As for the ranchers, I am so sorry that they are looking up a dead horse’s ass. Not a chance in the world. The establishment and the dims don’t want a secure border. Just ask them. Its all about the cheap labor and votes whe the ILLEGALS get all the free stuff. Just look at Pima County, the COT and one immediately knows its all about the ILLEGALS and not the protection of the citizens of this country. How shameful, but the just ask Raul and any of his mafia who have infiltraded the BOS and city council….and the liberals that just love me some ILLEGALS.

    • Raul we are dealing with a lot of crime we are amerians n supposed to protect our land n constituace is all a criminal agenda

    • You don’t get it or act dumb, illegals, drugs, come in by air, they are come in through tunnels. I was born on a border town, so was my father, grandfather, we’ve never had problems we’re a highly numerous family 7 brothers, 3 sisters, 23 cousins. Your approach to control traffic on the border is wrong.

      • well then obviously bud you have a better idea because it’s been the same way for years and still hasn’t work your family still comes over illegally

    • Your so right.
      Raul is a Mexican first and public servant 2nd he proved that when he boycotted the state.

  26. Maybe McSally needs to get down from her high horse and remember SHE WAS NOT ELECTED and actually help citizens instead of following the McCain doctrine of lies and open borders.

    • Seriously HUh….obviously McD Sally has supported ranchers and the presidents agenda. Comments without knowledge of facts, the same issue as facie news.

        • You must be an illegal or you live nowhere near the border and have no idea what you’re talking about. People and comments like yours make me a shame to say I’m Mexican

        • Considering everything brought forth in this petition and the substantial amount of FACTUAL information presented, your comment good sir is JUST A WEEEEEE BIT lacking in any expression of intelligence W H A T S O E V E R!! Good day!

        • I shared this article with other people. Over 200 people want to see these people get the protection they deserve. So now how do we get everyone together to support and solidarity in getting the protection they are entitled to and have earned as American citizens?

        • Go back to Mexico essay. No one wants you here. Can you say ILLEGAL ILLEGAL ILLEGAL

      • So give her a chance! At least Senator McSally, came to our beleaguered AZ border, looked and listened.

      • Since it’s their land why dont they secure their land by building their own walls so trespassers can’t get over it. Is the government supposed to give these farmers handouts everytime they cry for one ?

        • If that be the case and don’t enjoy yourself to the beef in which they provide you can eat grains and rice for all I give a s*** about

        • Why should the Ranchers foot the bill for a wall?? They pay taxes like you do! The real solution is to secure the border which has been passed by former administrations. It’s only NOW they are against it… WHY??
          Validate your argument! The rancher’s aren’t asking for anything that hasn’t already been voted on and passed! The American People aren’t asking for anything that hasn’t already been voted on either

        • there are allot of restrictions re. what structures and barriers private individuals can erect.

        • Mr. Martin, it is a National border. The statutory responsibility for securing our National border rests upon the Federal Government. The petitioners are not asking for “a handout”, they are simply petitioning their elected Representatives in an effort to cause said Representatives to take action and actually accept the reaponsibility for a secure border.

        • John go look in the mirror and ask yourself a question, you are standing on your property surrounded by 500 illegals ready to take everything from you,are you gonna ask for help or are you gonna go out and start building a fence while they take everything you have includi6your wife and kids or if your gay ,your lover, either way your fucked,what are you gonna do

        • There are some areas that are considered ‘no mans land’. This is a term law enforcement uses and it refers to land on American soil which spans from the Mexican border and upto 75 miles away from the border into the United States. This land within the United States is controlled by the Mexican drug cartel and dominated by their business. So, with that said some of these ranchers and farmers do not live directly on the border but fall into ‘no mans land’, and those ranchers and farmers who live directly on the border probably can’t afford to erect a wall. Plus, if there’s only a few people who can afford to build a wall then what would stop them from crossing the border in areas where there’s no fence? Bottom line, it’s the responsibility of the United States government to protect its citizens. Better yet, what happened to the money that was budgeted for the wall under the Obama administration?

      • Infantcide? Do you mean infant murder? Just making sure I’m with ya. On Joe Rogan, I heard they are harvesting organs from these delivery/9 month deliveries/full term delivered birth from these mothers and doctors if they decide to abort the baby. I just had a concussion bare with me on my typing etc…. if the baby is born dead, they will bring baby back to life and if mother decides no. They will make the baby real comfortable.

        • Only NOW is humanity finally starting to understand just how REAL some of the most horrible evils regarding end times in the Bible, actually are!!! They are very very real, very very ugly, and beginning to happen right before us!! Hunker down and pray hard, all the super ugly out in the world is about to be exposed and even worshiped by many!!

    • Why did they even bother with a petition?…ranchers are so in bed with the government so they can get their welfare checks from the taxpayers, that all they have to do is ask and it’s given to them ..year you keep YOUR ranch up it benefits YOU…what about the lazy slobs ruining public lands..iv never seen them return a thing to that because like welfare people do, they don’t care about Publix c property…how bout a thank you to the taxpayers for supporting your ass while other family businesses are forced to go under. And you don’t hardly pay TAXES because of the exemptions….oh by the way, iv been a cow calf rancher of 150 Angus for 15 years.. literally got up one day decided I didn’t like nursing and bought some land with a free loan from the government. No experience whatsoever…have NEVER used BLM land…have NEVER gotten another set of since that first year. Found out how complaining, threatening, entitlement, and ignorance is the way of life and vowed to be different..and I am..I’m successful

      • Politics aside it”s scary to drive through there much less live there. My heart goes out to the residents as well as the travelers. The cartels are the winners.

      • You really have no idea about what you’re talking about, do you. Instead, like a true liberal, you spew nothing but inaccuracy and hate. Grow up.

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