Mother Jones Bureau Chief Fakes Hate Crime at Sky Harbor

PHOENIX, AZ – On Wednesday, March 6th, David A. Corn, D.C. Bureau Chief for the ultra-liberal Mother Jones, flew through Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. While here, he claimed on Twitter to have witnessed a hate crime targeting Dem it-girl Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. According to Corn, while hustling between flights he popped in to one of the restrooms, where he found the racist graffiti targeting Cortez on a wall above a toilet. He even posted a photo of a toilet with a digital back streak on the wall above it. There’s only one problem: it never happened.

Yup, the D.C. Bureau Chief of a major liberal outlet faked a hate crime at Sky Harbor Airport, and no one in the media is even bothering to report on it. Conservatives immediately questioned Corn’s narrative, to which Corn responded on Twitter that critics were crediting with more imagination than he has.

Seeing all this go down, our office decided to do a little investigation of our own, and requested un-altered photos of the graffiti in question. No such photos exist. Had Sky Harbor employees found any such thing, they would. But, nope. So here’s what really happened: Corn posted his claim, but never contacted Sky Harbor authorities, Phoenix Police, or any other appropriate agency. When the City of Phoenix Aviation Department became alerted to his claims, they reached out to Corn several times, and didn’t get any response. They tried again, and this time he told them that if they followed him on Twitter, he’d help them out. Aviation told him they don’t do that, and again asked for any evidence he had. Corn sent the same blacked out photo he posted to Twitter.

In response, Aviation staff sent employees through every single stall in every single bathroom in the terminal Corn flew through. Nothing. Then Corn claimed that the writing was in erasable magic marker. That one doesn’t fly, either. Removing any type of marker from a tile surface without leaving at least a bunch of smudges is pretty darn hard without cleaning products. Is Corn claiming our aviation staff covered up this so-called hate crime? I would love to see him make that accusation.

Perhaps Corn is used to dealing with cities that have zero conservative elected officials, where no one would bother to make official inquiries, and thought he could get away with it. Maybe, like a lot of fly-over liberals, he knows absolutely nothing about Arizona other than the over-hyped screams of racism we hear in the national media every time a legislator here does something they don’t like. Perhaps he was counting on the national media’s progressive echo-chamber to blow up his accusation, and hide the actual outcome. Whatever the case, one thing is clear: David A. Corn is a lying A. Hat whose fake hate crime just crashed on takeoff.