Who Controls The Chuckster? Sunday’s Comic

Pima County To Mortgage Buildings For Diamond Ventures Speculative Deal

On March 5, 2019, a majority of the Pima County Board of Supervisors voted to mortgage taxpayers’ property to fund a speculative deal with Rocking K Development Co. and Diamond Ventures, Inc.

As part of the deal, Pima County will issue up to $16,000,000 of tax-exempt certificates of participation (COPs) to cover the cost of the “Valencia Road extension, the spine infrastructure and the on-site infrastructure” of the controversial Diamond Ventures’ (DVI) project.

While Pima County residents beg for road repairs in their long-neglected neighborhoods, Pima County leadership approved the resolution that funds brand new roads for Rocking K home buyers…

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  1. This is totally wrong! Chuck, the Dictator, can manipulate our money!! We the people of Pima are continued to have the highest tax! Our tax money is missed used over & over because Chuck makes all the decisions for his own pet peeve projects! How do we fire Huckleberry? He needs to go along with his Democrats!

  2. ADI, all we can do is B&C here on the website about stuff like this. What is the chance of you running a series of articles/how to’s to start a movement to recall these guys? I know the county guys are protected for 6mo after an election, but where do we go to find info on who to contact for recalls etc? The one guy who used to run for everything is no longer in the news so he is a forgotten person now a days. What does it take to start something. The bos cot is just out of control and with the democraps in the fed seems like they are getting worse!

    Where do you find info on this type information for getting active and shutting these idiots down?

    • I would welcome a recall but maybe it would be better for someone to mount an aggressive campaign against the four misfits next election cycle. Gather all the articles exposing their misgivings and flood the media with it. My only worry is that only the ADI is capable of doing that. Bill Buckmaster is too soft on his guests and John C Scott is so far left he won’t do much. He and Jeff Rogers must have some sort of man crush on Trump. So much so that’s all they can talk about. Wake-Up Tucson is the only radio show that has the guts to stand up to these fools!

  3. There is one simple answer to that question, its the cronies. Was there ever any doubt? Thought not.

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