Nearly 750 Illegal Aliens Apprehended In Yuma Sector Over Weekend

Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents arrested almost 750 illegal aliens this weekend. Most ot those apprehended were travelling in family groups from Central America.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the aliens walked through the Colorado River vehicle barriers near Yuma and surrendered to agents.

CBP reported that agents “provided medical treatment to 137 illegal aliens, either through medically certified agents, contract medical personnel at the stations or by transporting the subjects to local hospitals. Some of the medical ailments included: pregnancy complications, lacerations, blisters, respiratory issues, chicken pox, lice and scabies.”

Approximately 87 percent were Guatemalan with the remaining being from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and Ecuador, according to CBP.

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  1. Just more of the same. Disease, no skills, no education and want to be a drain on taxpayers of this country as they turn their neighborhoods into ghetto’s. Yup, we are closer everyday to shithole status. Thanks all you politicians both Repugnant and Dimocrats that want cheap labor and votes. Screw the people…. since you are our new royalty you think you can do anything. What you gonna do when the money runs out????

  2. I am for immigration… Legal Immigration that is. But these people bring that which is dangerous to our citizens. Criminals is a given, as is terrorists. The families everyone feels sorry for? Well they bring diseases we haven’t had in ages, mumps and measles as well as others we have not yet uncovered till they spread to our own kids.
    But they bring more too. Like illiteracy,unskilled, language barriers and a culture alien to ours with an unwillingness to assimilate to their new culture and a demand we acquiesce to theirs not unlike the demand by a certain group to practice FGM.
    In return they get free medical,education,housing, transportation, lawyers and food. Food we could send over to their camps in mexico.
    Well we have citizens here that need those very same things. My neighbor for one, a retired senior could use food stamps and with aneurysms beginning to riddle her body, could use AHCCCS too but she make $100 more than is allowed to get it. Every year she makes exactly $100.00 too much, isn’t that just such a coincidence? Really!
    She is not unique, there are thousands of people young and old that are turned down each year, why? because the state must take from us to give to them whether it is Federal or State dollars, it takes from us. To give to the invaders, weak willed spineless politicians who speak with forked tongue to get elected. When they themselves don’t go to bed hungry or wonder how they can buy shoes for their kids and hope to God they don’t get evicted because they are short on the rent … again.
    No one wants to admit it but this unchecked illegal invasion is not going to be stopped.

  3. Yep, no crises here. Democrats just whistling past the graveyard. Disgusting and irresponsible.

  4. I agree, Melody! Southwest Key, the non-profit, that houses illegals got $1B in federal funding since 2016. (Dont miss that article in ADI today) And more illegals arrive daily. We could have used that money to Build the Wall!

  5. I am sick and tired of my tax paying dollars being misused to help people who come here illegally in this manner who come here to feed off of our welfare systems when our own government turns it backs own it’s own citizens

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