Trump doubles down on attacks on McCain, Cindy McCain’s tweet ramps up war


Mrs. McCain may have inadvertently started a new and uglier chapter in the war between President Trump and the McCain family.
Cindy McCain follower immediately calls for poster to lose job.

Cindy McCain, the wife of the late Sen. John McCain retweeted an ugly message Tuesday she received in response to the Twitter war raging between President Donald Trump and the McCain family.

Cindy McCain claimed she was sharing the tweet to “make sure all of you could see how kind and loving a stranger can be.”

Tiffany Nicole had sent a profane, insulting social media message to her about her husband.

Instead she unleashed even more hate and acrimony when her followers decided to harass the harasser. Nicole has apparently taken down her Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Mrs. McCain’s ill-advised tweet followed days of tweet-shots between President Trump and the McCains’ daughter, Meghan.

Trump had tweeted furiously this weekend quoting former independent counsel Ken Starr regarding McCain’s involvement in pushing the discredited Steele dossier. “John McCain was an American hero who did so much for the country,” Starr said Saturday on Fox News regarding the McCain report, “but this is unfortunately a very dark stain.”

Trump was referring to Kramer’s testimony about the dossier that was unsealed on Thursday and reported in the Daily Caller, as well as joking statements frequently made by the Senator about being last in his class at the Naval Academy.

Meghan shot back:

Then on Tuesday, Trump told reporters, “I was never a fan of John McCain and I never will be.”

Prior to his death, McCain asserted that he had no regrets about his role in the release of the Steele dossier. McCain claimed that he had his operative, David Kramer, push the baseless report because it was “what duty demanded I do.”

In his book, “The Restless Wave: Good Times, Just Causes, Great Fights, and Other Appreciations,” McCain also acknowledged that he delivered the dossier to then-FBI Director James Comey. “Anyone who doesn’t like it can go to hell,” wrote McCain.

Mrs. McCain’s share appears to have taken the war to a whole new level.


  1. There was a news site (forget if usa today or fox) that said mclame was not the favorite of the left/libs until the bho vote where he turned a thumbs down to save the left jewel of obummercare. They really did not have anything nice to say up to that time! As to him being the choice of the party run against bho, he was another goldwater, the sacrificial goat that they knew would not win and he ensured it when he stopped to supposedly go back and vote on a bill for something. They try to say ms palin was his downfall, well IMO she WAS HIS best pick at running. The thing was they took a lady from a backwater state where she had been a successful governor and left her out dry by not helping her be ready for the big time. So yes he was nothing special to brag abou and he sure as hell did NOTHING for the state of arizona or the country in general. Those who are now defending could have cared less when he was a big part of the swamp in dc.

  2. John McCain, war hero yes, senator from the state of AZ yes, but also a man who would refer to his wife in public by using the C word. In the end he voted against repealing & replacing obamacare and spread the dirty lies of the clinton funded fake dossier just to spite trump, rather than doing what was best for the American people. A poster boy for term limits if there ever was one.

  3. I seriously have a far greater concern over what sounds come out of my dogs ass then then what comes out of Megan & Cindy McCain’s mouth.
    The once legendary great hero of the left, senator McLame was without question, a self serving undisciplined fraudulent worthless RINO POS, his legacy not unlike French military victories, will not be judged by its successes, but by its failures.
    Cindy and her objectively defective brood can continue to live the lie following the Manson family model behind the walls of the family compound, but please, don’t expect or demand the rest of the world to buy into your delusions.
    While Johnnie and family might have held the never ending delusion that he was a great statesman, Cindy and the bratty princess Meghan need to stop publicly white washing the truth and accept the harsh facts that John never served in the Roman Senate.

    The Oracle

  4. Enough is enough. Just because someone is classified as a war hero should not give them the right to be a jerk or say things without comment. A simple acknowledgement and thank you is all you get. The McCain’s and all the jerks in Washington speaking out about what President Trump said is RIDICULOUS! Little Magan, Cindy, he may of been a hero to you but to others not so much. Sit down and stop being a tool of our whacked media.

  5. Screw everything McCain. If the McCain family can’t figure out that John was a flaming a-hole, then it their problem.

  6. i feel the saame way about john mccain,he was a traitor in the military and he was a traitor as senator,he was a disastor to this country,his family loves him because its his family but he was still a troitorous pos family or not

  7. So Cindy McCain’s response to a hate tweet was “ill-advised?” And it was she who “Unleashed even more hate and acrimony?” That, excuse my French, is bass-ackwards. I was never a McCain supporter, but for crying out loud, he’s dead. Let him lie. Leave his family alone. Even the Mafia didn’t go after the families of those they deemed enemies.

    Mr. President — Nebraska is half- drowned, farms are ruined; economists are getting worried about the near future; Americans are dying overseas in wars you continue; immigration policy desperately needs an overhaul; white nationalism is slaughtering innocents here and abroad; there is so much work to be done yet you continue to use your many hours of “executive time” tweeting garbage, name-calling, and inciting hate. MASA! Make America Sane Again!!

    • And you Albert is why Marijuana should not be legalized. What a bunch of garbage. Get some sleep and maybe you’ll start thinking again.

    • Obama also continued those wars, I don’t believe you ever condemned him and the economy stunk like a fighting skunk. He separated illegal alien families putting kids in cages eh? And how about Fast and Furious which got Agent Terry murdered.
      I could go on but what for, you just put your hands over your ears and go nanananana!.

  8. McCain, the stain, single-handedly ruined the AZGOP. I read where Trump & his dad worked for Goldwater during the election and McCain sabotaged Goldwater – back then. This feud goes back a long way. Megan & Cindy are not up to battle with PDJT because he’s won’t back down and he’ll keep grinding away. More to be exposed about the stain coming soon.

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