Stonegarden opponent takes center stage, opposes immigration bust in Tucson


TUCSON —  Jessica Rodriguez, a self-described undocumented immigrant at the center of controversy surrounding Operation Stonegarden, was involved in shooting a video of Arizona state troopers and Border Patrol agents taking Glenda de la Vega Fernandez, Jesus Antonio Torres, and 12-year-old Dariana Torres de la Vega into custody on Monday.

In the video, which was live streamed on Vimeo, Rodriguez questions Border Patrol agents about why they are taking the people into custody.

“We are questioning why the Border Patrol is here,” Rodriguez tells her viewers, “why they have the highway patrol here in the city limits.”

When an agent explains the people are being detained because they are in the country illegally, Rodriguez urges viewers to “come to 22nd and 9th,” because “they are taking these people into custody.”

The officer from the Arizona Department of Public Safety said they pulled over the vehicle because of its “overly tinted windows.” The Border Patrol was later called to the scene.

When the occupants were determined to be in the country illegally, they were taken into custody.

One man who arrived at the scene to protest crawled under a Border Patrol vehicle to try to prevent it from leaving the scene. He was arrested and later released, said a report from KVOA News. Because of the number of people who arrived to protest, the Tucson Police and Pima County Sheriff’s office sent officers to the scene.

Rodriguez, a member of the Pima County Law Enforcement Partnership Committee, which opposes law enforcement efforts to secure the border, took center stage during the No More Deaths press conference held at the Southside Presbyterian Church after the arrest of the three illegal immigrants in Tucson this weekend.

Operation Stonegarden is a federal and local law enforcement partnership to secure the international border.

Rodriguez, who is known by local officials for her opposition to law enforcement and disdain for patriotic Americans, is emerging as a public figure in the fight to keep borders open.

Rodriguez has said she is an employee of the Southside Worker Day Laborer Center, which according to the organization, is “one of the social justice ministries of Tucson’s Southside Presbyterian Church.”

Video taken by Jessica Rodriguez, who describes herself as undocumented. Rodriguez also serves on the Pima County Law Enforcement Partnership Committee. That Committee was formed as part of an ongoing effort to block Operation Stonegarden.

At the most recent meeting of the Pima County Law Enforcement Partnership Committee, Rodriguez sat and texted while fellow members stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Pima County Law Enforcement Partnership Committee members discuss whether those unable to vote legally in the U.S. Should serve on the Committee. Radical activist Isabel Garcia urged fellow members to reject a bylaw that required members to be registered voters. “If you implement it,” said Garcia, “then we lose Jessica.”

According to various reports, troopers stopped the family’s vehicle citing excessive tinting in the windows.

Pima County supervisors Ally Miller and Steve Christy pulled their appointees to the Law Enforcement Partnership Committee after anti-law enforcement members became abusive to law enforcement members of the Committee.

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“I’m not willing to legitimize a committee made up of individuals who continually toss out baseless accusations against our law enforcement personnel,” stated Miller at the time. “I can’t, in good conscience, empower a group with members who have an agenda to incite hatred and possibly violence against our first responders who put their lives on the line for us each and every day.”

According to Supervisors Miller and Christy, the committee has attempted to function without a clear scope and purpose for the last several months, but “has been unable to serve the needs of the community while providing anti-law enforcement community activists a taxpayer-funded soapbox.”

The Committee was “created on February 20, 2018 as one of five conditions to accept Operation Stonegarden funds for Federal Fiscal Year 2017.”

The formation was one of the concessions to illegal immigration activists and supervisors Richard Elias, Ramon Valadez, and Sharon Bronson. Although, Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier met all the demands of the activists, they still rejected the federal funding.

During the Obama administration, the three supervisors voted in favor of taking Stonegarden funds. Their recent rejection of the grant money is part of the “resistance” movement against President Donald Trump.

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As with all human tragedies, the groups wasted no time raising money for their cause:

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  1. ICE BP and all Law enforcement needs to target areas where illegal aliens gather. That includes day labor sites. Whenever a permit to have construction work done ICE should check the site and see if the workers there are all legal to be here in the USA. Also places like shopping centers, community centers and similar sites also should be a focal point for ICE to do sweeps. We need catch and deport… no more catch and release. We also need a totally secured border and one that stops or at lease slows down illegal entry so that BP can stop them before they cross onto US soil. We also need the laws changed where BP and ICE have the authorization to capture illegals at the border, do quick processing (basic information like picture, fingerprint, name, country of origin, and physical descriptions), then march them back over the border into Mexico. All done within 24 hours, no detention, no medical care, no feeding. Anyone caught crossing illegally loses the right to file for asylum or a visa for a minimum of 5 years. That includes minors.

  2. “Why is the highway patrol imside the city limits?”

    Because they are state police, Jessica you brain dead moron. Go back to where you came from, we already have enough idiots here who are here legally; don’t need anymore idiots who aren’t here legally adding to that mix.

  3. If she is illegal, the answer is quite obvious. She needs to be taken into ICE custody the next time they see her. If a crowd gathers at an arrest, ICE should be ready to screen all the protesters to determine their legal status and remove those who are here illegally.
    The answers are really quite simple. If you are here illegally, you should be prepared to be deported at any moment. I would suggest that you keep a bag with you at all times. You never know when the long arm of the law will catch up with your criminal deeds.

  4. Why hasn’t immigration not been notified about this rabble rouser? Seems she is a perfect candidate for immediate deportation. She is inciting trouble of any kind against a government where she is illegally present.
    She is aiding fellow illegals and dividing citizens into defying their own government. That seems more than enough cause for deportation.

  5. She herself needs to be arrested and deported!!! Let alone allowing her any VOICE or OPINION in the matter!! Pima County needs to be held accountable for violating our immigration laws and those supervisors need to be charged with a federal crime!!

  6. Napier has the spine of a wet noodle Get him outta there. Appeasement never works with these liars.

  7. Just add one more idiot to the mix. If she loves ILLEGALS so much and is an ILLEGAL herself, why doesn’t she self deport back to Mexico. Gee, wonder why???? Sorry to say that she and the rest of this committee was formed for only one reason, and that was a to repudiate a sitting presidents policy on ILLEGALS. Political pure and simple. I just wonder when the taxpayers and voters finally stand up and say enough is enough. I don’t want to live in a third world shit hole and throw my toilet paper in a trash can because the sewage plant cant handle the paper in the year 2019.

    • Your statements about members of your community are hateful and unsavory. You should be ashamed to speak of members of your community in such terms.

      • Brandy C…To whom ever you are replying to, change all the “unsavory” words in their comment to neutral ones and then let me know if the facts, or point of the comment changes.

        The woman called in people to disrupt what is probably a legal stop/arrest and you’re fine with that I suppose!

    • Everybody seems to miss the word “illegal”. They are breaking the law. I wish we had stricter illegal alien punishment. Anchor babies and their illegal mommies need to be deported asap. Our system is a joke.

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