Kristol Clear: Sunday’s Comic

Tucker Carlson: There Must Be “Consequences” For Those Claiming Russian Collusion if Mueller Report Shows None

Tucker Carlson called for consequences for those who pushed the Trump-Russian collusion narrative if the report by special counsel Robert Mueller shows none in a monologue delivered on the Thursday broadcast of his FOX News show…..

Lying and recklessness should never be ignored. In 2003, the United States invaded Iraq on the premise that Saddam Hussein possessed massive stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons. Many of us believed it. But the claim was false. Thousands of Americans died. Trillions were wasted. Nobody was punished. To this day, Max Boot takes a paycheck from the Washington Post. Bill Kristol appears on MSNBC. John Bolton is this country’s National Security Advisor. There were no consequences to their foolishness and dishonesty. None. And so we started a series of eerily similar wars, all with entirely predictable results. Nobody learned anything.

Will we learn anything from the Russia collusion hoax? Or will the same cast of liars and buffoons simply move on to the next scam? “Climate Change! The Green New Deal! We can’t give you details. It’s too important. Obey or else!” That could easily happen. In fact it will happen, for certain, unless we remember exactly what we’ve just seen…..