Cochise County Residents Report Bizarre Raffle Scam

scam alert

On Monday April 15, 2019 a Hereford couple reported being target of a bizarre telephone scheme.

According to the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office, the couple said “that they had previously signed up for what they believed to be a contest entry. The couple received a call today from a male subject who had a strong Asian accent stating his name was Jeferfon Fremon and they had won five million dollars. As the call progressed the dollar amount for the win decreased to two and a half million, and continued to change when pressed to confirm the dollar amount.”

The scammer told the couple that a 32% tax was already taken out of the winnings because “contest winners are responsible for taxes.”

The scammer instructed the couple to go to Walmart and meet with a Miss Delia to pay the $630.95 dollar fee to collect their winnings.

The the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office reports that the couple discontinued the call and did not answer when he called back from a telephone number of 876-568-3603.


  1. Some of the most creative work on Earth these days and so much energy and effort are being expended on such scams.
    I got, two days in a row, and on my magicJack phone(!), a person claiming to be with the Federal Trade Commission. He did have — quite probably spoofed, of course — a 202 area code phone. He claimed his name was something Snow, a different first name each call, and that he, as an FTC agent, was trying to find out why I hadn’t claimed my prize in some sweepstakes.
    Now I do have to admit, that was a new one.
    And so much better than the one I was getting EVERY DAY on my magicJack phone about that back brace I had ordered.
    “We’ve been trying to contact you, including by mail, and if you don’t respond, we will have to remove your name from the eligibility list …”
    But they didn’t.
    No, they continued to call EVERY DAY, and sometimes twice a day.
    That scam has stopped, possibly because of the recent story that the back brace scammers had been arrested.
    I sure hope they have been.
    But there will be others. With other lies.
    I hope some callee will be able to offer to meet with “Miss Delia” and her ilk and carry some police along to make an introduction.

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