Two MS-13 Gang Members Apprehended By Border Patrol

Deyly Turcios-Giron | Joel Santos-Funes

TUCSON – Two members of the Mara-Salvatrucha (MS-13) street gang were arrested in separate events by Border Patrol agents after they illegally entered the United States this week.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), 30-year-old Joel Santos-Funes, a Honduran national, was apprehended by agents patrolling a remote canyon west of Nogales early Monday morning, after he illegally entered the country.

Agents discovered that Santos-Funes was an active MS-13 gang member during a fingerprint and database records check.

Then on Tuesday morning, Deyly Turcios-Giron, age 39, was apprehended by Casa Grande agents west of Tucson. Turcios had a 2013 criminal conviction for drug smuggling in Arizona.



  1. Real Ugly, huh !
    Theres a website not for faint of heart that shows what type of enviroment these people come from
    what they do to each other
    Its a (Death) sentence to be born
    drug (Addict)s are everywhere
    Kids get killed by there own members of familys babys thrown away like trash, They just dont care.
    Rape is a mans privledge
    Their whole concept of life is Not what we Americans believe in
    The trash lack of respect for them selves has nothing to do with being poor
    Life is cheap there, And they bring that with them here
    They dont care for anybody or anything but violence,drugs,rape
    Killing voodoo

  2. Nice mugshots, just another portrait of the face of the modern Democratic party.

    The Oracle

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