Arizona Politicos React To Mueller Report

AG William Barr holds press conference regarding Mueller Report

On Thursday, the report prepared by Special counsel Robert Mueller was released to the public and the reaction was swift and predictable.

The report found that investigators did not uncover any evidence of collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russians. The report covered 10 specific episodes related to the allegations of obstruction of justice, but Muller did not reach a conclusion on that issue.

The report was released with what has been described by many as “light” redactions. However, the Justice Department will provide lawmakers with a second version of the report that has fewer redactions starting next week.



  1. No matter how Mr Barr presented the true facts The Deaf Dumb Blind Dems will never get it
    (James Britt) You sir are making us Arizonians sick with your no matter what guilty B.S.
    Deaf Dumb Blind is exactly what your party of Dems are, clearly the most unhappy self centered selfish spoiled brats.
    Get over your self
    Your not that important

  2. Impressed by the comments.

    So much “Herp derp y’all libtards are snowflakes”

    If your jaw isn’t dropping when you read the Mueller report you need to ask for a Braille version.

    This isn’t a partisan issue. It’s a matter of ethical behavior in government and rejecting willful self-serving coordination with a hostile foreign power.

  3. Let the democrats push this forever. It is all they want to do for the citizens of America, or is it to try to regain power? They will cease to be a party if they keep it up.

    Keep it up.

  4. Looks like O’Halleran, Kirkpatrick & Grijalva (& James B) didn’t read it. They simply picked up the talking points of the left wing media & will continue ignoring the real problems in AZ.

  5. Still trying to beat a dead horse to life? It isn’t going to work. The dems are the party of losers, what is the most damning evidence? Boasting that they would be like dogs biting at Trumps heels every day of his presidency,this was said at the very beginning.
    Yet they have been proven to be more like bed bugs, they sting but can be obliterated by using cayenne pepper.
    I believe most Americans see thru the sore losers motivation, Power and not what’s good for America, just plain lust for power and dominance over what people like you and me are to them, Peons.
    I am just sorry that you can’t see thru the fleece over your eyes.

  6. @James: right, while Trump could have simply shut down the entire investigation and asserted “executive privilege” to deny the special counsel access to any and all key witnesses, he didn’t.
    I’m trying to remember the last time I heard of “executive privilege” being evoked, and I keep coming back to the chocolate Jesus during “the most transparent administration in history”, a time when the sitting president ran the oval office like a criminal cartel, a sitting President who willfully, deliberately and intentionally violated any and all existing laws to illegally send hundreds or perhaps even thousands of those dreaded assault rifles into Mexico, weapons used by cartels to kill untold people, one of those AK-47’s was used to murder an on duty federal agent in the performance of his duties, and after openly failing to the tell truth (lying) for months about the operation or his involvement in it, instead opted to cower behind executive privilege and then directed his Attorney General to abuse not only his office, his oath but also the trust of the American people. But since your blinded only by anti Trump hate your clearly ok with that.
    While your political hack hero of the left, Sen. McCain might have convinced himself it was his “civic duty” to pass along the fabricated Steele Dossier to his pals at the FBI, I don’t recall McCain being legally required to pass it along. No instead your hero skirted being treasonous himself when he opted in to the political coup and passed it on solely out of venomous spite.
    Seriously James, if we’re gonna grasp at straws and pretend to have standards in politics, let’s not embrace double standards.
    I’d suspect your just following your leftest ideological talking points, and according to your talking points, while the report doesn’t find criminal behavior it also doesn’t exonerate Trump, sadly this is America, and in the real America, the America outside of the professionally bankrupted politically biased lame stream media mouthpieces, a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty, no one including your beloved President Trump has to prove thier innocence.

    The Oracle

  7. Barr is a stooge, and the Mueller report details numerous instances of malfeasance worthy of impeachment.

    That Trump *knew* in advance that Wikileaks would be releasing pilfered emails is galling. Of course he loves Wikileaks (as he said on many, many occasions).

    Trump asked his minions on *multiple* occasions to obstruct justice.

    And that they *knew* that Russian operatives were looking to exchange Clinton dirt to help the Trump campaign, yet they never went to the FBI, is borderline treasonous in itself.

    • James Britt, you’re a pathetic, whiny crybaby. You and the other little snowflakes are pouting, sulking and throwing tantrums because the Mueller Report didn’t say what you wanted it to say. THE ELECTION IS OVER. YOU. LOST. Move on.

    • Poor little snowflake! Why hasn’t Mueller just come right out and say that his findings show that President Trump is guilty? The real collusion is on the Democrat side, and now we need to investigate the investigators.

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