Previously Deported Convicted Murderer Apprehended By Border Patrol Agents

TUCSON – U.S. Border Patrol agents apprehended a man present in the country illegally, Nahum Rivas-Rivera, who had been previously convicted for murder in Baltimore, Maryland.

On Tuesday, Rivas-Rivera, convicted in 2006 of first degree murder in Baltimore, was arrested by Border Patrol agents on his third attempt to illegally enter the United States since his conviction, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Rivas-Rivera only served one year in prison before being deported.

Brian A. Terry Station agents nabbed the 37-year-old Rivas-Rivera and another unidentified man, while they were patrolling near the international border.

This was Rivas’ third known attempt to re-enter the United States since his arrest in 2006. Rivas now faces immigration charges for felony re-entry.


  1. Whay is this human waste even still breathing ? This is what happening They break our laws get away with Murder and wants to come here to do it again
    Why is this not clear to everyone
    there are more just like him
    Wonder if it took him to hurt a top Democratic to make them open their eyes
    This human waste makes me sick
    Shame on you Dems for not doing your job in protecting Americans

  2. Perhaps after jail, Rivas-Rivera can enter Democratic party politics or perhaps realize his criminal alien dream and become an anti American student sensativity liaison at the UofA, providing he doesn’t murder anyone else first before being granted amnesty.

    The Oracle

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