Mark Kelly Can Sell: Sunday’s Comic

Mark Kelly Was A Pitchman For A Multi-Level Marketing Company Selling Supplements
By Kevin Robillard

Mark Kelly, the former astronaut and prominent gun control advocate now on a glide path to the Democratic nomination to challenge Arizona GOP Sen. Martha McSally in 2020, gave a series of paid speeches prior to his run, between 2011 to 2016, in the United States and China on behalf of a multi-level marketing company that pitches nutritional supplements.

Kelly’s paid speaking engagements have come under scrutiny following reports that, for years, he has delivered speeches to financial and pharmaceutical industry interest groups, including Goldman Sachs and AmerisourceBergen. In March, he also returned the $55,000 he took for a speech he gave last year in the United Arab Emirates, to head off criticisms that he could be swayed by foreign influence.



  1. If Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes sets up “Emergency” voting centers with no id required again it won’t matter who runs – Democrats will win. I don’t understand how they can openly break the law and get away with it but they can.

  2. Just one more sleeze ball that is trying to live off the taxpayers. What ever happened to World View? I think we all know World View is on its last legs and he is looking for a golden parachute from the taxpayers. Just wonder how many times he will trot Gabby out for the sympathy vote…. Folks, you aint seen nothing yet. This man is simply a piece of work and the dims already love him…..

    • Not only is World View a crutch for Kelly but don’t forget that sweet deal the Gifford’s have with that piece of property at 22nd and I-10.

      We’ll never know the whole truth about World View and yes, Kelly will be riding the Gabby Train as long as he can!

  3. Please —– someone stand up and primary McSally before she turns another seat democrat. McCain really picked a winner with her. She’s what remains of his stain in Az politics and it’s time to get rid of her. Last election she cost us 2 seats.

  4. It is plain to see that Mark Kelley can be swayed by money from anyone who wishes to give it to him. He makes a very good democrat candidate for a political office.

    • When I hit the Medicare age, United and AARP bombarded me with mail wanting me to sign up with them. I refused and when I told them why their sales people were indignant and said I had no proof, when I started rattling off statistics and sources, they quit calling on me.
      AARP alone donated to the DNC about 72,000 and to the Repubs,about 3,300.00 about 1500 to the Independents.
      There are so many companies that contribute to both. I try not to buy their products.

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