Encouraged that Kelly joined Sinema in opposing the Medicare for all push

Dear Editor,

Arizona is lucky to have mostly moderate members in Congress. Yes, there are a few to the far left or right, but for the most part, our Representatives seem to know that most Arizonans want common-sense solutions instead of partisan rhetoric. That is why I was encouraged that Democrat candidate Mark Kelly joined Senator Sinema in opposing the Medicare for all push. They know that kicking millions of Arizonans off their health insurance will create a bigger mess than what we have now, and that the answer to our health care problems comes in bringing down costs and getting more folks covered. I know that Rep. Kirkpatrick once had that position as well, but has since joined the Medicare for all crowd. I hope that she will reconsider, because being a common-sense moderate on this particular issue is the only way we’ll get real problems fixed.

Thank you,
Liliana Grijalva
Tucson, AZ

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  1. Mark Kelly is a good man and I salute his service to our country and space research, however, his signature issue is gun control which is very unpopular in Arizona where even many on the left keep and bear arms. If Kelly becomes the nominee of the Democratic party the next U.S. Senator from Arizona will be a Republican.

  2. Just what are we to believe ?
    Is she being honest ?
    Are we being to cynical now that she dosent want a free for all ?
    Can we ever trust that she maybe seeing the light and now realize that Social medicine is not a good thing ?
    I say what ever As long as Republicians win and Social Gov never takes hold I will believe she means it At least shes not going the other way

  3. Gee, I can’t wait to elect all these ‘moderate’ Dems to Congress, then, right? Thanks, Ms. Grijalva.

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