Yavapai County Jury Duty Scammer Caught On Recording By Potential Victim

scam alert

The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office has released a recording of a “jury duty” scam in progress. In the scam, suspects call and identify themselves as police officers or deputies and claim to the victim that jury duty was missed resulting in an arrest warrant.

According to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, over the last several days, area law enforcement agencies have received reports from victims of the jury scam. The Sheriff’s Office notes that victims have fallen for the scam and in “one case, a victim lost over $3000 after he supplied pre-paid credit card numbers to the scammer to pay a ‘fine’ on the warrant.”

The recording is edited for time and to protect the victim’s identity. “If you listen to the recording, note how the suspect tries to convince the victim warrants have been issued and avoids allowing the victim to call back and verify the phone number,” the Sheriff’s Office advises. “The suspect merely suggests the victim ‘Google’ the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office to verify the number. Towards the end of the call, the suspect puts his ‘supervisor’ on the line which will eventually lead to a demand to pay fines in the amount of $3000, usually with pre-paid gift cards. The attached recording cuts off as the victim senses this was a scam call. Note the attempt by suspects to use ‘professional phrases and demeanor’ to intimidate the victim into believing the warrant is legitimate.”

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  1. They’re working Pima County as well. After you get the “invite” to participate, they tell you to purchase the money cards at Walgreens or another store. Then call them back when you get to the store to “confirm the purchase and the card numbers.” After this you are to proceed to the Sheriff’s office on Benson Highway (closed on weekends) “to turn yourself in.” They sound very professional, convincing, persistent as they will call back repeatedly to check your “progress” on their demands, but they aren’t real. The money card rouse is the giveaway. PCSO gave me the number for the Scam Squad (351-4972) but said they’ve been unable to track down the miscreants. Local TV news may (or may not) note this once a year but more attention should be brought to bear on this nonsense.

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