Ducey signs bill lifting legal restrictions on nunchucks ownership

On Friday, Governor Doug Ducey signed legislation that allows the legal ownership of nunchucks in most circumstances.

Rep. lawmaker David Gowan, who has an interest in a martial arts business, sponsored the bill.

Nunchaks are “an instrument used for self-defense with two or more handles connected by a rope, cord, wire, or chain.”


  1. I’ve always found nunchaks are primarily used by numbskulls who are more of a danger to themselves then to anyone around them.

    The Oracle

  2. Agree, Oracle but they are fun for high school-schoolers to make and practice with since they like dangerous illogical things. I had a pair in High School when the School Resource Officer was suddenly coming up. All I had time to do was toss them to the ground. To keep him from looking down I just stared at him weirdly until he got out of around the corner. It worked.

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