Tucson Is Overlooked Again

Tucson, Arizona [Photo courtesy City of Tucson]

The May 11 on-line weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal had a short video at the top of the front page on the best cities for “tech-savvy college graduates.”  Even before I clicked on the video, I knew that the likelihood of Tucson being one of the cities was almost nil—but hope springs eternal.

My hopes went up when the video opened by saying that Seattle, Portland and Austin are no longer as attractive as they used to be, because of their high cost of living.  My hopes went up even higher when the video went on to say that the top cities have low rents, plentiful jobs, and a thriving social life.  After all, Tucson has all of these attributes, particularly with Raytheon Missile systems being in the process of hiring 2,000 more engineers for its large Tucson facility.

Alas, my hopes were dashed when I saw that Tucson was not one of three best cities for tech-savvy graduates.  Then things got worse, because two of three cities are not any better than Tucson, in my informed opinion.

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