Pima County Assessor Bill Staples Blasts Board of Supervisors, “Be Honest About Taxes Increases”

During last Tuesday’s meeting of the Board of Supervisors, Pima County Assessor Bill Staples called once again on supervisors to be honest about the tax rates and to lower them. Staples also blasted Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry for “punishing” his department for its “good fiscal stewardship.”

According to Staples, the tax roll of Fiscal Year 2020 was expected to top $1 billion.

“I presented in front of you in February and suggested that maybe you try and lower the tax rates, lower the levels so that you did not need to comply with the Truth in Taxation hearings. It doesn’t appear that I was successful in guiding you in that direction,” stated Staples.

“We’re going to be under budget this year by multiple million dollars. We’ve been under budget every year since I’ve been elected. We’re doing everything we possibly can at the Assessor’s Office to maintain the integrity of the assessment roll and be a good steward of the taxpayers’ dollars,” stated Staples.

“It is concerning that you’re not encouraging fiscal restraint but you’re punishing that. It just seems like a very bad message to be sending to the elected officials as well as the Department,” alleged Staples, who noted that Huckelberry was lowering the Assessor’s budget by $700,000.


  1. Taxes are very high across the board. But the property taxes on semi-custom and custom homes in Oro Valley are through the roof! I think it would be wise to stop chasing those of these type of homes (mostly on fixed incomes) out of town becoming unaffordable. I am tired of Oro Valley being Pima County’s cash cow every time they look for added revenue

  2. So Huckleberry “punished” Staples by cutting his budget? Where else have we heard this?

  3. Same thing they’ve done to Napier. Too bad Napier doesn’t have he cajones Staples does. I hope the BOS doesn’t form a committee to tell Staples where he can get his $$ & spend it.

  4. In other words Mr. Staples, “knuckle down and do what we tell you or we’ll cut your budget by more”

  5. I agree with Staples that the Tax Rate needs to be lowered & be good stewards of the people’s money!

  6. This is surprising to hear. I would have never thought Mr Staples would act in this manner. Is he up for re-election maybe?

    What doesn’t surprise me is the Board’s lack of transparency with calling a Tax a Tax. Kind of like the RTA guys not calling the proposed continuation of the RTA a TAX increase!!!!!!

  7. Don’t you know how Pima County Politics works Bill; do what Huckelberry wants or get your budget cut. You should have learned that when Chuck ordered the BOS rejected the Stonegarden money for the Sheriffs Dept. Come on, you need to fall in line!

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