Bring Me Your…. Sunday’s Comic

Trump administration’s DNA testing program quickly delivers results and proves critics wrong again
By Governor Jan Brewer

DNA testing was used at the border for just a few days and it’s already proving to be one of our law enforcement officers’ most powerful weapons against child trafficking and the abuse of our immigration laws.

On May 1, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the very first pilot program to use a new form of rapid DNA testing in order to verify whether adults apprehended crossing our border are really part of a “family unit.”


Despite repeated warnings and mounting evidence that human traffickers were claiming unrelated children as their own, the announcement met with immediate backlash from open-borders groups such as the ACLU. At the time, I was compelled to author an article defending the program, knowing how many children it could save from the horrors of exploitation by coyotes and the transnational sex trade….

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  1. GUY, good points !

    I wish to see a comic With Dems sucking a tit ( from a cow or ? )
    But fill it with money,,all with baby faces and playing with yo yos yo yos have faces on them
    Nancy is so out there she makes me sick *Really
    They need more Crime in San Franciso to wake them up
    I dont want any innocents hurt but I do wish some sort of Pain and a wake up call to them

  2. Remember, the original “Bring me your tired, your poor, your (teeming?) masses yearning to breath free” was written in a time BEFORE welfare. When they got here each was on his own, wasn’t being tracked by anyone, and didn’t need positive ID – the ultimate American freedom. We can have open boarders OR taxpayer-funded welfare; to try both is unsustainable or unjust, or both. Remember ‘justice’ means two things: getting what you deserve but also NOT getting what you DON’T deserve. Nobody walking over the border has an instant secular right to have the citizens pay for their room and board; counterexamples are defects in the secular law. (A religion may teach otherwise, but of course, in a FREE country religions are optional.) Open borders may have worked when an ‘undocumented’ entrant had to self-fund his own choices, such as getting his own pan and shovel and hitting the Comstock lode, or the Klondike, and whether fare thee well or not so well his bad luck does not affect my wallet.

  3. The left dont care, all they and the msm want is headlines and the truth and or value of a legit program be damned. Besides you are taking away future voters by stopping the influx of illegals at the border.

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