The Family Biden: Sunday’s Comic

joe biden comic

Rudy Giuliani DROPS A BOMB On The Biden Crime Family
By James T. Harris

Rudy Giuliani DROPS A BOMB on the Biden Crime Family — Accuses Joe Biden and his “Drug Addict” Son Hunter of pay-to-play worth billions in China, and Extortion & Bribery worth millions in Ukraine. Then rips the corrupt media for lack of coverage….

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  1. And the point is? To be a politician or a lawyer you need to be corrupt and he is just as corrupt if not more so than most. How do you think he get a chance to run 3 times? His owners are just having fun, the puppet strings at the top right of the picture are the truest thin in it.

    He is like all the rest, they owe everything to the puppeteers and trump does not so he cannot do their bidding. That is why there is such outrage about trump and company, they just cant be bought by the powers that be. Need examples just check out bho, had NOTHING before the election ow is MULTIMILLIONAIRE! Same for his wife who gets bargains at OMARS, the tent maker for her clothing.

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