Not being creepy was Biden’s first campaign promise. That didn’t last long.

joe biden
Joe Biden has earned the nickname "Creepy Joe"

Creepy Joe Biden just can’t help himself.

Not even after his years of awkward, handsy antics with women and girls made him into a nationwide laughing stock and threatened to sink his presidential candidacy almost as soon as it had begun. Not even after a fellow Democrat publicly let him know that his “blatantly inappropriate” touching and kissing made her “feel uneasy, gross, and confused.” And, most strikingly, not even after he issued a public apology and solemnly promised that he would reform his ways.

Despite all that, he just had to do it again, this time to a ten year-old girl. “I’ll bet [that] you’re as bright as you are good-looking,” he told the youngster before putting both hands on her shoulders from behind and leaning in so close that his nose was practically rubbing against her cheek.

Although his actions are not technically classified as child abuse or sexual assault, being manhandled and presented to a crowd of journalists by a former Vice President might make for an embarrassing and uncomfortable  afternoon, not to mention the effects felt possibly later in life as a result of the unwanted touching incident. I can say personally having experienced something similar, this is no situation any young child should be placed in. It is simply inappropriate and NOT okay.

As far Biden’s presidential prospects are concerned, this is very concerning.  It demonstrates that even early on in the campaign season, on an issue that he has promised to focus on, Joe’s innate creepiness still gets the best of him.

Now is precisely the time when you would most expect Biden to be on his very best behavior, yet he’s already slipping back into the type of behavior that would appall anyone who’s ever coached a little league team or led a cub scout troop.

This latest inappropriate touching incident shows that Biden is fundamentally insincere, and that his promise to be “more mindful and respectful of people’s personal space” was nothing more than a public relations ploy that was likely pushed on him by his campaign staff. It also betrays an impulsive temperament that one generally doesn’t associate with leadership.

Can we expect that Biden would act like this in the White House? He certainly didn’t restrain himself the last time he was there, shamelessly pawing at the wife of Defense Secretary Ash Carter while Carter was being sworn in. The only difference is that this time he would be President of the United States — an unlikely scenario at best considering the surging economy that President Trump continues to lead.

Joe Biden’s handsiness isn’t going to make or break his presidential run by itself, but the fact that he’s apparently unable or unwilling to change the behavior despite unctuously promising to do so doesn’t bode well for him.

That promise to respect the bodies and personal space of women and young children (especially young girls) was the first specific campaign pledge that Biden made. Now, just one month later, it’s the first promise that he has broken.

Which part of the facade that Biden has constructed around himself for the 2020 race will be the next to collapse? I’d guess that it will be his assertion that he is the most “progressive” candidate in the race, which will undoubtedly be torn to shreds by his avowedly socialist opponents.

As Biden’s campaign gets a little more “hands on” over the course of the race, his ill-conceived, big-ticket promises on health care, student debt, the environment, and so on will inevitably start to collapse, as well. No doubt, Biden will be perceived by the establishment as a sell-out and by the progressives as a poseur. In so many ways, the guy just can’t win. Yet, controlling his own impulses may still be his greatest challenge.

Once his duplicitousness is fully exposed, all we’ll be left with is an creepy older man who disregarded America’s request asking him to stop inappropriately touching women and girls everywhere he goes.

Anna Paulina (@RealAnnaPaulina)  served in the Air Force as an E-4 senior airman and is presently the Vice President of Bienvenido, a conservative hispanic non-profit.


  1. what does he stand for…? what has he ever done? how did he ever get into any office? much less for his ‘touching’ habit…

  2. Promise made, promise broken. If you like your doctor,…well you all know the lie. What is it with Democrats and the truth?

  3. Bad Touch! Bad Touch!
    Stranger Danger!
    On this doll, can you show me where the Politician touched you?

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