Open Letter To Kerr, Dunn, Osborne: Protect Arizona Borders

border patrol agents
1,700 illegal aliens were apprehended by Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents over the past 4 days [Photo by CBP]

Dear Senator Kerr, Representative Dunn and Representative Osborne:

Time to redeem your inaction on protecting AZ borders in this past legislative session.

AZ is a sovereign political entity. AZ has the absolute right to protect our borders from illegals, irrespective of the Constitution or any power granted to the federal government.  Therefore, we do not have to accept a tent city in Yuma, AZ to house illegals. Please advocate for your LD 13 constituents and tell Governor Ducey that AZ will not permit any tent cities/ temporary housing for illegals and asylum seekers in AZ. Furthermore, that AZ will not permit the federal government to drop off of asylum seekers in our AZ communities. Take them to California.

LD13 constituents want action now! Arizona First! In addition to the above, we expect you to draft legislation or support legislation in the next legislative session for:

  1. Strict penalties on businesses hiring illegals, such as losing your business license.
  2. Funding a AZ border wall. Funding can come from taxing money orders from AZ going out of the U.S.
  3. Taking away an organizations tax exempt status for providing any aid to illegals and asylum seekers.
  4.  No State aid/benefits to illegals and asylum seekers.
  5.  No Sate funds for sanctuary cities.
  6.  No State funds to jurisdictions not wanting to cooperate with ICE.
  7.  All voting ballots are to be in English. English is our official language of AZ.
  8.  Not issuing U.S. birth certificates to illegals and asylum seekers that give birth while in the U.S. They are  not U.S. citizens.
  9.  No State aid/benefits to anchor babies. They are not U.S. citizens.
  10.  Utilize the 10th Amendment to nullify all the unwarranted acts of the federal government

Please step up or step out! There are others in LD13 that want to protect our borders now.

Brent Backus
Waddell, AZ

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Brent Backus is a resident of Arizona, who is a consultant. Find him at his website