Desperate Times For The Republic: Sunday’s Comic

arizona republic comic

The Arizona Republic featured the work of the notorious Michael Wolff in what appears to be a clickbait campaign or bizarre effort to fuel the Trump/McCain feud… or both…


AZ Republic once again on auction block

The phrase ‘Potemkin Village’ might be unfamiliar, but it is the well chosen one used referring to the sad state of the newspaper industry in this article in NiemanLab. In essence it describes a façade.

We have frequently written about the emaciated local newspaper, the open borders, Hillary-endorsing, Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) which has shrunken in physical size, staff and content. Parent company Gannett, laid off Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Steve Benson in January, due to the inability to pay him. Contractual buyouts, followed by layoffs have left the newspaper in the hands of ASU Cronkite Journalism School students, working out of their cars, in dire need of editors.

Friday’s edition carried an article so telling of the grim fate of the newspaper, it was buried on page 13. Headlined, “Arizona Republic’s owner reportedly in merger talks,” it leaves little doubt that imminent change is on the horizon.

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  1. Golly, I prefer to read my news and not view it on the phone, but The Republic has lowered it’s standards and contents so much. Hopefully, some group will buy it and restore it to it’s former glory of the Pulliam family. I am a long-time subscriber, going back to the 60’s.

    • Gene Pullium would cry – then he’d kick backside – if he could see his paper today.

  2. Maybe they will merge and go under with the red star here in tucson? Would be very fitting pairing and closing.

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