Arizona DPS To Send Assets To Border In Response To Cartel Violence

On Wednesday, in response to the cartel violence in the Mexican cities of Agua Prieta and Naco, the Arizona Department of Public Safety announced it would be dedicating “additional assets and support to the region.”

AZDPS advised the public that the Department is “in close contact with our federal partners, including the Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection, and the Drug Enforcement Administration. We have also offered support to local partners including Cochise County Sheriff’s Office and with our Mexican counterparts including the Sonora State Police.”

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The fighting between two cartel factions has resulted in the deaths of at least 10 people, who were killed during an afternoon shootout in Mexico near the Douglas Port of Entry on Monday, June 10.

Among the dead were 4 identified males whose bodies were found riddled with bullet holes in a vehicle with an Arizona license plate, according to El Sol de Hermosillo.



  1. the place where ‘drug corruption rules’ is the problem – it’s why they are seeking a wall – because the state itself does not rule itself – oddly in a nation that is without guns right? Just like Chicago that has no guns – open the weapons to the nation and see who’s running that… the people can fight for themselves then. Now it’s the drug lord that owns both sides of the equation. As for the USA – get the intel and DRONE THE RUNNERS! PRODUCERS!

  2. Violence is nothing new there or where Drugs gangs and ignorance lives. Their own Goverment does not cares about them.
    Death addict shows life in those countrys where life is very very cheap We dont carry these news stories over here But deathaddict shows the drug / gang violence that happens every day in these countrys Its not for faint of heart But to increase your awareness and know not all is well in these places where drugs corruption rules..
    Some of the illegal/migrants here now are from those places and they bring that violence with them here.seeing dead bodies with knife wounds heads cut off is nothing new to the children.
    We have to have Secure Borders

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