Arizona Leaders Warn Of Cartel Violence In Naco Area, “Where Is The National Outcry?”

David Schweikert
Rep. David Schweikert asked his colleagues, "If you love people, can we at least have an honest discussion of what the president asked for?

NACO – The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office is warning area residents to stay safe as fighting continues between two cartels in the towns of Agua Prieta, Naco Sonora, and Nogales Sonora.

Arizona Congressman David Schweikert spoke passionately on the floor of the House this week on the subject.

Rep. David Schweikert asked his colleagues, “How many have you seen the news the last couple of days that we have gun battles going on just south of Douglas Arizona? We may have 10 people, who have lost their lives. We had a teenager get hit by a stray bullet. We’ve had a couple folks – apparently one – crawl through the border and is now in an Arizona hospital. Where is the press? Where is the discussion of what’s going on? Apparently we have a war going on in Agua Prieta between these cartels that not only move drugs but they exploit human beings.”

“These are the very cartels that are taking humans and smuggling them and trafficking them through the border, and now they’re using assault weapons and killing each other. Of course we would care about that, wouldn’t we? Except that it doesn’t get any coverage because it doesn’t fit the narrative,” continue Schweikert.

“If you love people, can we at least have an honest discussion of what the president asked for? Money for humanitarian aid. The money needed to take care of those, who have presented themselves at the border for refugee status, but understand the violence that is spilling over the border and into Arizona.” Schweikert concluded, “I’m frustrated that this story broke out in Arizona, but where is the national outcry? Where is the national outcry about the chaos and the lives that have been lost?”

The fighting between two cartel factions has resulted in the deaths of at least 10 people were killed during an afternoon shootout in Mexico near the Douglas Port of Entry on Monday, June 10.

The shooting occurred near the Douglas Port of Entry.


  1. The current invasion of hundreds of thousands of diseased, impoverished, illegals must be stopped.

  2. No one but the president is trying to keep US Citizen safe. The rest of the politicians are more concerned about these so called immigrants which in reality should be called illegals. They have more rights are are better take. Care of.

  3. No one is going to do anything about this, read the news we are letting in everybody. The illegals from ebola countries will be what tips the scales. It will take a Gov. with balls of steel to get us right.

  4. Gov. Acey Ducey how much Cartel drug money is in your pockets Its there.. thats why this man has sat on the fence and done NOTHING for Arizona Citizens
    More drugs are in Southern Az and are causing crimes that Kill innocent Arizonians
    Get a Gov in office with some balls to help stop the free flowing killer drugs and illegals from getting into Arizona

    I call him *Acey* Ducey because its a saying that he is not even
    Short on one side and long on the other He is the one can take the reins and do something about all this But he sits on his ass
    Az needs a Gov thats tough on crime and one that cares about Arizona This man is weak.
    He should be doing more about the border and the free flowing drugs
    Whos really pulling his strings ( the Cartels )

    • Wow, what a short memory. Apparently you forgot that the democrats sued in federal court to make sure that illegal immigration is a federal issue not a state issue. The implication that Ducey is somehow benefiting from the drug trade is outrageous. You made the allegation, give us the proof. The real facts are that the democrats are promoting drug smuggling, violent crime, illegal immigration, human trafficing, multiple diseases and slavery with their absurd claim that there’s no crisis at the border and their refusal to fund or support border protection. They are the instruments of misery and destruction. Their anarchy is gut wrenchingly pathetic.

      • You are absolutely correct. When the Obama administration sued Az for enforcing the law which should be enforced by federal law enforcement, then when Obama gave orders that the CBP could not apprehend even known violent cartel members entering our country illegally unless they did another crime on our side of the border; it should not have shocked me but it did. It became a regular occurrence for CBP agents to stop by my home (4 miles from the border on the San Pedro) and tell me they were following a known dangerous illegal so to be sure to stay out of sight till they gave me the all clear. Now CBP doesn’t follow them but makes every effort to apprehend them. The shooting at my dogs, the destruction of property, and the danger to myself the left can shrug off. But isn’t one of the arguments against the wall that the wildlife might suffer? The entire San Pedro troop of coatimundis have been slaughtered by illegals, they shot one of the rare gray hawk breeding pairs the U of A has been coming by my house to study each summer, the trash clogging the river, and who knows how much more destruction to wildlife and habitat. But that’s okay so long as the deer can walk across the border to graze on the same sort of growth on the other side with the same amount of access to water.

  5. Naco area has been under Cartel owner ship for a long time
    Some Bad Americans have been helping Cartels with tunnels and with Child abuse A neighbor went to work there yrs ago
    In one area he was not allowed to go he found toys childrens cloths etc. It was all hush hush Then they fired him for asking questions He was a heavy machine operater. SO its a hub of Naco Greed of money and the power of Cartels money These vile Americans I hope get caught and sent away for a long time.. People dont realize the billions not millions but billions of dollars made off child porn and illegal drugs All this drags us down as human beings and The cartels sends us their killing drugs and their child abusers are never caught
    Its time to stop this
    It doesnt bother me that some one changes their opinion to finnaly realize there is a hugh problem down there and it needs to Stop. Put a end to the tunnels and open crossing
    Mexico is to blame they never have cared for their poor and with Cartels money in their pockets they turn a blind eye to all the deaths killing and devil worshipers..
    CARTELS are the new Mexican army and their reach does cross our borders

  6. How’d those tariffs that you and McSally bad mouthed work out for you Schweikert? You’re nothing but a professional politician that doesn’t do a damn thing for us citizens. BUILD THE DAMN WALL AND SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT.

    • I live on the border in Naco.
      Your out of touch ….the reality is there is corruption on both sides of border….w law enforcement….border/ customs….the cartels generate millions of dollars which used to corrupt Federales….judges on Mexican side….
      Law enforcement….judges on American side. This info is generated from honest
      Border / Customs agents who detail their
      frustration within their own agencies.
      Read the book by Lee Morgan ..Customs/
      Border Patrol Agent for 27 yrs in Douglas..Naco..Nogales…Decorated Vietnam Veteran .

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