Arizona Leaders Warn Of Cartel Violence In Naco Area, “Where Is The National Outcry?”

David Schweikert
Rep. David Schweikert

NACO – The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office is warning area residents to stay safe as fighting continues between two cartels in the towns of Agua Prieta, Naco Sonora, and Nogales Sonora.

Arizona Congressman David Schweikert spoke passionately on the floor of the House this week on the subject.

Rep. David Schweikert asked his colleagues, “How many have you seen the news the last couple of days that we have gun battles going on just south of Douglas Arizona? We may have 10 people, who have lost their lives. We had a teenager get hit by a stray bullet. We’ve had a couple folks – apparently one – crawl through the border and is now in an Arizona hospital. Where is the press? Where is the discussion of what’s going on? Apparently we have a war going on in Agua Prieta between these cartels that not only move drugs but they exploit human beings.”

“These are the very cartels that are taking humans and smuggling them and trafficking them through the border, and now they’re using assault weapons and killing each other. Of course we would care about that, wouldn’t we? Except that it doesn’t get any coverage because it doesn’t fit the narrative,” continue Schweikert.

“If you love people, can we at least have an honest discussion of what the president asked for? Money for humanitarian aid. The money needed to take care of those, who have presented themselves at the border for refugee status, but understand the violence that is spilling over the border and into Arizona.” Schweikert concluded, “I’m frustrated that this story broke out in Arizona, but where is the national outcry? Where is the national outcry about the chaos and the lives that have been lost?”

The fighting between two cartel factions has resulted in the deaths of at least 10 people were killed during an afternoon shootout in Mexico near the Douglas Port of Entry on Monday, June 10.

The shooting occurred near the Douglas Port of Entry.

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