The Future Of Tucson Is At Stake: Voters Must Reject Regina Romero

The Three R's: Reject - Regina- Romero

regina romero
Regina Romero with failed Tucson Unified School District Governing Board member Cam Juarez.

The upcoming City primary elections are scheduled for August 27th. The race for Mayor will be a three – way Democratic primary. The Candidates are Steve Farley, former State Senator, Randi Dorman, small business owner and Regina Romero, current ward one council member.

In this election, the Democratic nominee will most likely be elected Mayor since there is no prominent Republican in the race. The City of Tucson Mayoral elections are critical to the future of Tucson. As such, I have formed an Independent Expenditure Committee to oppose Regina Romero for Mayor. This Committee is named Total N-Tegrity Committee and is not connected in any way to any Candidate or Candidate Political Committee. In fact, Total N-Tegrity  is not endorsing any Candidate for Mayor during the Primary elections.

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Romero, having represented the west and south side Ward one for the last eleven years has proven that she does not deserve our vote nor our support for Mayor. Ward one has suffered and continues to suffer from inadequate representation since her election; city parks are littered with deteriorated facilities and unattended vandalism, our streets are full of potholes, constituents’ calls go unanswered (except in an election year) and the economy of scale for the south side and west side is like night and day when compared to other parts of the City. Take a ride down any street on the south side or west side and see all the abandoned commercial sites and homes, look at the alleys full of trash and weeds, the neighborhood streets where one needs to try and maneuver around pothole after pothole. The Cities’ level of Core Services such as Transportation Infrastructure, Recreational facilities and Public Safety (Police and Fire) have been on a steady decline since 2008 when she was first elected. In fact, Romero has consistently voted to delay funding for these core services. This state of affairs is not the community’s vision for Tucson, it is only Romero’s flawed vision for Tucson.

Romero is part of what South-siders and West-siders call the three R’s, the self-appointed power brokers who want full control of the City of Tucson. They will do anything to crush anyone and anything that stands in their way to accomplish this “we control” philosophy of theirs. These three R’s are Raul, Regina and Richard, one is a Congressman, one is Councilmember and one is a County Supervisor. If you are not on their “yes” team, there is no room in their tent for you, there is only a closed flap and REJECTION. TNT has coined a new term, THE THREE R’s, REJECT – REGINA- ROMERO, AFTER, ALL THIS IS WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN DOING TO OUR COMMUNITY FOR YEARS!


Where is the revitalization that Romero has promised her constituency? Where is the building and maintenance of our infrastructure, where is the rehabilitation and refurbishing of our recreational facilities? Where is the economic vitality that she promised for the last eleven years? Where is the advocacy for that poor lady who cannot pay her water bill, or the elder who has trouble keeping up with the tax increases on her/his property? How about the compassion for elders at Armory park apartments who were moved out in order to give incentives to her favorite developers on the west side? How about her relentless attempt to sell El Rio Golf Course to a religious organization that would have destroyed 7,00 mature trees, green space valued at more than 6 million dollars, and displaced surrounding residents through a planned, hidden gentrification program? The real question for Tucson, is, “Are we better off today than we were eleven years ago?”

If you agree with me, please join us by  going to and help us make Tucson what it needs to be, a more vibrant, robust united community where special interest politics is a thing of the past and the well being of all our community is the first and paramount priority. This election year let’s show our discontent with elected officials that would rather look after their own self serving special interests than serve the needs of their constituents.

(Total  N-Tegrity was founded by Luis A. Gonzales, former State Senator, Former Pima Community College Board member, and former Democratic Legislative District 3 Chairman with over 40 years of political and community activism in Tucson. You can reach him at


  1. I wonder if as mayor she plans to continue to tele-commute herself to council meetings as she has in the past?
    What an utter embarrassment to humanity and its social evolution.

    The Oracle

  2. Way to go Republican party of Tucson n, so proud to see you doing nothing as usual.

    Another excellent reason to give your money directly to the candidate of your choice or not in this case if no one shows up, so proud of the empty suits here in the do nothing repub party of Tucson

  3. I realize the article is focused on rejecting Regina and mentions “The race for Mayor is a three-way Democratic primary.” but why no mention of Ackerly as an alternative?

    • Scott,
      The reason is because the election in August is a primary nomination process for both parties and the Independent will run in the General election in November. There is no Republican running in the Republican Primary. Total N-Tegrity is not endorsing any candidate during the primary election.

  4. She has done nothing for us. I will definitely not be voting for her. She’s been re-elected solely because she is democrat and Hispanic. I’m done with her.

  5. I can asure you that i strongly suggest you join me in voting against Regina Romero.

    Your future and your families, friends, neighbors and community are at stake. Join the effort of responsible informed voters and reject Regina and her gang of cohorts.

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