El Mirage Man Arrested For Double Homicide

Chasten Fairris | Joseph Hutchinson | Ricardo De La Isla [Photos courtesy Surprise Police Department]

An El Mirage man, Chasten Fairris, an El Mirage resident, has been arrested for the deaths of Joseph Hutchinson, a resident of Surprise, and Ricardo De La Isla, a resident of El Mirage.

Fairris was arrested on two counts of first degree murder for his involvement in the incident which occurred in Surprise around 3:40 a.m., on June 20, 2019.

According to Surprise Police, while officers were working to secure the scene where Joseph and Ricardo were found deceased, the department received another call from a resident approximately two blocks away. The resident reported that there was a man, later confirmed to be Fairris, banging on his front door. The resident said that Fairris appeared to have a gunshot wound to his arm and had asked the resident to call the fire department but not the police. Instead, officers and Fire-Medical personnel responded to the residence and transported him to a local valley hospital for treatment.

Surprise Police Department detectives were able to confirm that Fairris had been in the area where the bodies of Hutchinson and Ricardo De La Isla were found around the time that the incident occurred.

Detectives were able to interview individuals who were at a home with Fairris and Hutchinson before the incident occurred.

Investigators learned that Fairris and Hutchinson had planned to call Ricardo asking him to come over, coax him away from the home, and then rob him.

After receiving medical treatment for his injuries, Fairris was taken into custody by the Surprise Police Department.

Fairris was subsequently transported to the Maricopa County 4th Avenue jail.

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  1. In the underworld of drug-addled idiocy it’s kill or be killed to get your next fix or tattoo, although sometimes they don’t really know why they are in a fit of rage. In my youth I sometimes traveled through this world, especially when finding the lowest rent. It’s like another planet.

  2. I’m guessing drugs were somehow involved in this brainiac seminar of how not to commit a robbery?
    It would appear that young Mr. Fairris will be adding a couple more tear drops to his ever growing face art collection.

    The Oracle

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