Kamala’s Debate Disclaimer: Sunday’s Comic

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Kamala Harris forced to clean up health insurance stance — again
By Quint Forgey

Kamala Harris found herself playing defense Friday morning after her high-flying debate performance the evening before — again forced to clean up her stance on private health insurance.

Harris and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders were the only two candidates of the 10 White House contenders on stage during Thursday night’s debate to raise their hands when asked by NBC News’ Lester Holt whether they would “abolish their private health insurance in favor of a government-run plan.”

But in interviews Friday, Harris insisted she misunderstood the moderator’s query.

“Once and for all, do you believe that private insurance should be eliminated in this country?” co-host Willie Geist asked Harris on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“No,” Harris replied, adding: “But the question was, ‘Would you give up your private insurance for that option?’ And I said yes.”

“Oh, I think you heard it differently than others, then,” Geist said…

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  1. On national news tonight they said she IS NOT AFRICAN AMERICAN, but is of Indian and Jamaican heritage! She is claiming just like bho who was not african american but uses skin color to say they are. bho was of indonesian heritage if you recall.

    Just another troll trying to use race to win.

  2. Were her lips moving? Typical democrap, uses race to get into the news and then has to show she doesn’t have a brain to use. Seems others understood the question, she only hears white the little white mice in her head tell her.

    Another waste of time.

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