1. 90 million guns — and not a one stopped any recent mass murders. It took law enforcement.

    And about that Second Amendment: It’s just one sentence, one subject: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    So what “well-regulated Militia” do the owners of those 90 million guns report to?

    • Albert quick question for you and others. Since you are so all fire set to DENY the right of people under the 2d Amendment, which rights are you going to be willing to give up in exchange? the 1st, 4th or which one?

      As to a militia you are aware are you not all CITIZENS are subject to a call to duty if need be. I believe it goes thru age 65 or so. Besides the SUPREME COURT has acknowledged the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS on a couple of occasions, so your argument is a moot point.

  2. If every person in that store had been armed he would never have fired his. He was looking for unarmed people that couldn’t fire back.

  3. Finally ❗️❗️Thank the heavens you have returned Mr Lasley❗️
    I was sooo disturbed this morning hearing about the recent shootings & You have made my day with your fantastic illustration..
    Thank you? Thank you ADI too?

  4. Well look at who is back. Did you bring your finger puppets along?
    Too many bad guys with guns breaking more,and more laws. What we need are more good guys with guns. Look how quickly the situation in Dayton was stopped.

  5. Billy…Billy…Billy B❗️
    Yes❗️You’ve got one thing totally correct!
    Pill bottles, drugs, mental illnesses, alcohol…..violent videos too..& more
    Wrap those factors with a huge population in USA which includes people who have been raised as a racist for generations. Horrifyingly, we have a President who is immoral while he encourages hatred and racism❗️
    Now, remind yourself that the bear arms Amendment was ratified in 1791❗️
    It is now 2019?

    • Racist – hardly , but I will say where it does exist, where it did exist was in the south, Democrat run south of those days… look in the mirror. I was in those race riots – I saw them with my own eyes – year 1969 – just before I was sent to war by a Democrat Lyndon B Johnson. FYI – I’m the first born of a legal immigrant – she didn’t become a citizen till I was 6 years old. Tell me about racist views…

    • yes but he is now out of office and leading the underground government that is so trying to upset the apple cart. You are referring to bho right?

  6. how about drug related deaths Lasley? The needle flying the flag.. or the pill bottle of death – where’s the pharma flag? No comment?

  7. its not the right to bear arms that is the problem, it’s those that do so and misuse that right. 90,000,000 guns did absolutely nothing wrong yesterday – one man did. In looking at the ‘death toll’ one could say ‘ the right to buy and consume alcohol ‘ is the issue – the flag a tattered cloth with the many alcohol related deaths – I would bet more yesterday in one day and ‘every day’ nationwide than this terror attack. Huh Lasley?

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