Pima County Picking Winners! Sunday’s Comic

chuck huckelberry comic

Vector Launch “Undertaking A Pause Of Operations”

TUCSON – On Friday, Vector Launch announced the departure of one of its founders, CEO Jim Cantrell, “in response to a significant change in financing.” In the statement posted to its website, Vector said it was “undertaking a pause of operations.”

Devastated employees learned the news when they arrived at work only to find the doors locked…

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  1. Yes i have sued several times. Elections are rigged! Both parties like it just the way it is.

    Director of electioms Brad Nelson was caught cheating at elections. He has daid publically he wrk for Chuck Huckelberry. He told Ally Miller and I, he ignoted us and continues go cheat at polls.

    Do not worry about Russians hacking our eections, it the local parties that cheat .

    • Pima County, the most corrupt County in the State and the Attorney General is never around, at least that I have seen.

      I know I’ve said this before Richard, and I usually get your point, but please proofread your posts before you actually post.

  2. are you sure its the voters and not the corrupt pols themselves. Many instances indicating that the votes have been changed in the past and may well continue to be in the future.

  3. One thing after another with Pima County and the cronies. Yet you voters keep electing the same jackasses! Same goes for the COT!

    Enough is enough. It’s disgusting what continues to happen around here!

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