Lasley: The Politics Of Hate

lasley trump comic

Cartoonist/artist Richard Lasley is a native of Southern California, who attended Ventura College and the Art Center School of Los Angeles for Illustration and Design.

He has worked as a freelance artist for many agencies in Los Angeles, New York and was a member of The Illustrator’s Club of Los Angeles.

Currently he resides in Tubac, Arizona. His work is featured at Tubac Presidio Park.


  1. How do you spell Hate ” Clinton Chronicles ” Have a look at that in your web search and see what you find.. a reality of the Clinton’s and Left… domination at any and anyone’s price.

  2. another depiction of left side fantasies with the head cheer leader being the 1st to comment. This guy disappeared some years ago, what is he homeless again and trying to find someone to take him in?

    What a waste of time and space. If the left was so good, why does he not ever sketch a drawing of what they have accomplished? Oh thats right, there is no material for him to draw.

  3. Anyone with a working brain can see that the majority of hate comes from the left, as evidenced by this attempt at an opinion cartoon. But from past attempts it has been clearly showed that this guys lacks a working brain.
    The very first thought into my brain when I heard of the suicide yesterday, those Clinton’s don’t mess around. So this morning Lasely deflects with a false premise that all evil comes from the right.

    • BS you’re still full of BS ..Geeze I bought you’d get that brain ? of your functioning properly by now❗️Lasley’s illustration deflects from Nothing! He is totally Right ON ❗️Go get your glasses on ..sweet one?

      • BS in case you’re having brain troubles reading my message above,
        The typo is thought not bought! Xoxo

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