Many Republicans Reject Resnik Apology, Cite Double Standard

Pattern of abuse by Resnik prompts rejection

brahm resnik
12 News’ pundit Brahm Resnik was the go-to-guy for the Democratic Party during the 2018 election cycle.

While some leaders in the Republican Party seem quick to accept an apology from 12 News’ Brahm Resnik, others aren’t having it. They say that his pattern of abuse makes the apology ring hallow.

Resnik, reporter-turned-pundit, apologized for a tweet he posted over the weekend in which implied that Republicans were Nazis when he drew a comparison between an Arizona Republican Party tweet and a Nazi slogan. Although President Obama and former Governor Janet Napolitano had made very similar comments as the Arizona Republican Party did in its tweet: “One people. One land. One Arizona,” Resnik invoked the Third Reich instead in his attack.

resnik tweet
After sparking hurt and outrage, Resnik finally tweeted: “APOLOGY. I apologize for the tone & content of a tweet I posted over the weekend that has angered many Arizonans. Social media calls on journalists to exercise restraint & good judgement. I failed to do that. Recriminations against 12 News are undeserved. The fault is mine alone.”

The Arizona Republican Party account tweeted a scenic Arizona picture on Saturday, and captioned it, “One people. One land. One Arizona.”

Resnik retweeted it, commenting, “Pretty picture. Just a thought here: A tweet that echoes ‘Ein volk. Ein Reich. Ein Führer’ — likely unintentional, because who knows history these days, right? — isn’t a great look at the present moment.”

KFYI host James T. Harris was the first to call out Resnik for the insult and was quickly followed by AZGOP chair Kelli Ward, and U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar.

Ward tweeted. “Reporters are supposed to report, NOT create news! Many people (phones ringing off the hook) demanding he apologize.”

In an interview on the Mike Broomhead show on KFYI, Ward said she would accept an apology from Resnik. Ward followed it up with a tweet dripping in sarcasm:

Last month, Kari Lake with FOX 10, was taken off the air for nearly a week for an off-the-air comment about writers at the progressive Phoenix News Times. According to sources, petitions are in the works calling on 12 News to do the same to Resnik. One Republican Party insider said, “If it weren’t for double standards the industry would have no standards at all. If a woman gets sent to time out just for expressing a right of center thought, why not a progressive man for calling people Nazis?”

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