Arizona Women Have Always Voted For Kitchen Table Issues, Not Ideological Delusions

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Former Governor Jan Brewer joined Senator Tim Scott in Avondale, Arizona at a site of new construction she says is a result of Trump’s tax cuts which are spurring economic growth.

In 2020, women in Arizona and across the country are going to be able to celebrate the centennial of women’s suffrage by exercising our franchise to vote. Most importantly, we should do so by voting to re-elect President Trump, who has done more to empower women than any other president in our lifetimes.

While the Democrats often act as though they have a monopoly on women’s support, we know better. President Trump has delivered real results on the issues that matter, and women can see that as well as anybody.

For instance, the President is fighting to bring an end to illegal immigration, which has created a humanitarian and national security crisis on our southern border. Here in Arizona, we bear the burden of illegal immigration at least as much as any other state.

When I was governor, we enacted SB 1070, which at the time was widely considered the strongest anti-illegal immigration law on the books. Liberals mocked, slandered, and challenged the bill in court, but it succeeded in reducing the number of illegal immigrants in Arizona. In the Phoenix area alone, the illegal immigration population has decreased by nearly half since 2007.

President Trump’s efforts to secure the border have suffered the same ridicule. First they were mocked, then they were slandered, and then they were challenged in court — but when the courts allow those policies to take effect, they turn out to be highly effective. Despite Democrat obstructionism in Congress, the President has still managed to secure funding for the border wall, make administrative changes to strengthen our immigration laws, and even convinced the Mexican government to help us stem the flow of illegal immigrants from Central America.

At the same time, the Trump administration has also worked diligently to make sure that American families are prosperous and healthy.

President Trump has implemented ideas from across the political spectrum to bring healthcare costs down without sacrificing quality of care or burdening Americans with new taxes and regulations. For instance, he signed an executive order requiring healthcare providers to publish prices for their services, empowering consumers to make more-informed decisions about their own health care. That’s a long-overdue reform, given that patients often encounter radically different prices for medical services depending on who provides them.

The Trump administration has also expedited the approval of generic drugs in order to bring down astronomical prescription drug prices, and the White House is currently drafting a plan to import some drugs from Canada, which would create further savings. These moves have already saved Americans billions of dollars, proving that market-based solutions really are an effective way to fix America’s broken healthcare system.

President Trump’s confidence in America’s natural potential has yielded success on the economic front, too, of course. He delivered on his promise to bring back an era of American prosperity, and American women have seen the benefits.

Thanks to the President’s tax cuts, the elimination of unnecessary regulations, and the renegotiation of outdated trade deals, the U.S. economy is stronger than it has been in a generation, and American women have been at the forefront of this historic boom. The female unemployment rate recently reached its lowest point since 1953, and the glut of job opportunities in the Trump economy is causing wages to increase at the fastest rate in over a decade.

Women can trust that this President will continue to provide opportunities for them and their families — in fact, his economic recovery has only just gotten started. Once newly-renegotiated trade deals start to take effect and Democrats agree to work with the White House on infrastructure spending, expect the Trump economy to hit full stride.

Women for Trump is committed to making sure that Donald Trump gets another four years so that he can lead this country to even greater heights, and one of our top priorities is making sure that women are registered to vote. In fact, we’re holding a voter-registration training in Phoenix on August 22 so that women can spend the next year and a half getting their friends, neighbors, and relatives ready for the big day — Election Day.

It’s appropriate that the 2020 presidential election will take place shortly after the centennial of women’s suffrage, because re-electing President Trump will empower today’s women in much the same way that the 19th Amendment did for our grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

Jan Brewer is the former Governor of Arizona

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Jan Brewer is an American politician and author who served as the 22nd Governor of Arizona, from 2009 to 2015. A member of the Republican Party, Brewer is the fourth woman, and was the third consecutive woman, to serve as Governor of Arizona.