Tucson Man Charged With Illegal Voting, Perjury

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TUCSON – A Tucson man, Randy Allen Jumper, has been charged with two counts of Illegal Voting and one count of Perjury in Pima County Superior Court. Jumper was indicted in July, with voting twice in the 2016 General Election – once in Pima County, and once in Washoe County, Nevada.

Jumper is set for arraignment on Monday, September 23, 2019, in Pima County Superior Court.

Jumper, age 61, was also charged with voting in Arizona after having completed a sworn declaration that he was a resident of Nevada. Jumper was charged with a third felony for making a false declaration by signing a statement under penalty of perjury that read: “I am a registered voter in Pima County Arizona, I have not voted and will not vote in this election in any other county or state, I understand that knowingly voting more than once in any election is a…felony…”

Jumper’s conduct was initially identified and referred for review by the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office in 2018.

Each count of Illegal Voting is a Class 5 felony. Count 3, Perjury, is also a Class 5 felony. Jumper is alleged to have violated A.R.S. §16-1016(1), 16-1016(2), 16-101, 16-1021, 13-701, 13-702, 13-801, 13-2702(A)(2), and 13-2701.

According to a the nonprofit Tucson Sentinel blog, “Jumper was a registered Republican in Pima County from 1982 to 2014, local election officials said. He changed to “party not designated” or a so-called independent voter that January.”

This article was updated at 8:23 a.m. on August 23, 2019.

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