Pima County Labor Day Proclamation: Sunday’s Comic

labor day comic

Workers of the world unite — throw the bums out.. or settle for a call center job.

Check back Monday for the low down on the high rollers who raise your taxes, their salaries, and the underemployment rate in Pima County….



  1. Next year is election time for bos.

    Jorge Ramos stated, ” inly time ppl remember hispanics is week before elections.

    In pima county the machine knows tyey have to lie yo everyone again. You will witness few million spent on pet projects for churches, non profits ete..that how they get leaders groups ask ppl to vote for them.

    Old trick by tricky criminals if machine. Sad part is ppl fall for it every 4 years. Dios mio.

    • No, only thing is is to put a d behind the name and the people are dumb enough to vote party not to benefit the county, state, or country.

      Just like the dems now promising everything will be free if they are elected, just like bho promised. Only thing is they never ever deliver.

  2. Highly paid county officials like Huckleberry have always opposed high paying jobs like those offered by the area’s mines (i.e Rosemont).

    • That would be high paying temp jobs that clog our air, and kill anything for hundreds of miles around the mine. Then leaves the whole mess to be cleaned up by the citizens of this State. All for their profit only. We the citizens of this State say no to your mine.

    • not really, these guys are plain against any ECONOMY existing in this area, its not just the mine. The only ones they support are their puppet masters who bought them cheaply at the public expense.

  3. Well I guess they will be declaring pc/tucson to be 2d amendment cities with the right to have guns for SELF protection. Seems none of these clown to include remairo do not support police or laws so it will become a return of the old west they like to proclaim? Too bad there are so many BRAIN dead people in this area who can only vote for those with a d behind the name.

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