Lasley On Tariff War Terror

tariff comic

Cartoonist/artist Richard Lasley is a native of Southern California, who attended Ventura College and the Art Center School of Los Angeles for Illustration and Design.

He has worked as a freelance artist for many agencies in Los Angeles, New York and was a member of The Illustrator’s Club of Los Angeles.

Currently he resides in Tubac, Arizona. His work is featured at Tubac Presidio Park.



  1. china’s forced concessions….hmmmmmmm..China isn’t stupid… they know how trumps tariff games are going play out, and how it effects the average american consumer..and… his reelection chances …china is playing along with trumps i q weakness as a politician..the china game, is to wait, get rid of this so called stable genius… any cost

  2. ILL BET LASLEY would be happy to draw your self portrait..every one of you wonderful comment artists on this site”’hook up with him…take your family along for a family portrait….he might just do it for could hang it on the A.D. I’S OFFICE WALL…displaying your crew as the trumps local cult club…making history as the greatest trump swallowers of all time…what a master piece it would be…..

  3. Just another “Lasley” anti everything American. Don’t know why they post anything of his/hers or what ever it is.

  4. Dear Big O …If I didn’t have a dad, I would be PROUD to have a dad as Patriotic, talented and wise as MR. Lasley❗️Looks to me that YOU are policing me❗️OH Yeah, You WERE a military Police ?‍♀️ at one time❗️? Instead of trying to police me & call me names, tell us your thoughts regarding illustration.. Are you afraid to acknowledge Truth? Why just insults out of you????

  5. Geese..Big O, go look at the amazing illustration again cause it reflects exactly how the farmers all feeling❗️Graphite smudge?? Really?? I believe you are trying to insult a professional brilliant artist & making a smudgy fool out of yourself…dearest one …oh I have missed you soo much??

  6. In May Trump announced a 16 billion Farm aid package so if the farmers are whining it’s pure greed. Hey,even before the trade war began, farmers around the country had been struggling with falling farm income, rising debt and unpredictable weather, including floods through the Midwest and rain that has delayed spring planting around the country.
    The only ones haunting farmers are the climate change alarmist’s,trying to freak everyone out and blaming President Trump, as if he had such power, and maybe he is all powerful. He did beat cankles.

      • No, michael, I am a proud Hispanic with dark hair and skin and I support President Trump as all in my family does, so do my neighbors.
        Frankly most American born hispanics are supporting Trump, don’t believe the fake polls that hispanics are anti Trump.
        You seem to make rudeness your stock- in- trade, a mocker and a bigot.

      • I did notice you ignored the 16 billion Farm package in the news, doesn’t fit your narrative of hate? Nothing to say? just hate.

      • ARIC,
        Hope this helps you understand:
        Trumps $16 billion was not a fixer. It was a cheap benefit bailout; a slap to financial success to farmers. Trump declared a 25% tariff on $50 billion dollars of Chinese exports. China says to Trump, “ we will buy our product from another country like Brazil. Our farmers will have their crops rotting. Farmers do not wish to have government handouts. They want to remain independent & able to sell their products in an open market. Most the people who work the fields are migrants from Mexico. They too will suffer❗️
        And you Aric, I am beginning to think, are a Trumpster- loving Fake Mexican❗️Tu amigo, Michelle?

      • Aric ..funny honey❗️ Your bigot and narcissistic lying immoral racist is your most dangerous president in American history ❗️How can you support a man who disrespects women, cheats and lies every day? Twists his words & obviously has huge mental deterioration❗️
        I am a proud American Spanish with dark hair & skin & I must tell you that I do not believe whatever polls you are looking at! Hispanic people I know are smart and realize Trump is poison for our country ❗️

    • then trump should act like he cares about the planets warming problems …he could care less…farmers are having a double whammy with good old mr. Hump..i mean Trump…adds to the shitty weather problems by just being a block head,…then gets a bright idea to go back to old energy burning light bulbs…like hes really gunna change every l.e.d in all his towers … we the people…farmers have been lied too, and are getting screwed ..but the good news…trumps screwing himself for 2020…..oh by the way….good to have Lasley back…hes such a stable genius at his art……..AND..thanks A D I…YOUR CREW SEEM LIKE TRUE AMERICANS


  7. A D I…keep publishing this moronic’s effort doing politics,or intellectual thought…provoking dry farts and a childish attempt as president.go back to where you came from hump…i mean trump…that’s where you and your lame brain belong……Sunday’s comic…”good job…..apparently only one person besides himself thinks trump is a stable genius……….signed ………THE COYOTE

    • Mock all you want… The artist is still moronic and no talent… that hasn’t changed. If you’re going to take something I wrote and re-work it, at least have it make sense.

    • Coyote…go check out illustration again & explain why you are so set on insulting MR. Lasley?? Stick to subject matter and maybe you can learn something! The farmers are screaming ? Sounds like the coyote is howling again❗️

  8. well it loooks like lastly has finally developed an alter egos again? hampower and rickpower, guess he looked into the mirror and saw what he looks like and then made a self drawing!

    Where was this drawing guy when bho was in office? Oh thatws right you cant complain because he was a democrap piece of…..

    • Mr Hanky..Hanky Hanky, I don’t understand why it is so difficult for you to stick to the subject matter of the excellent illustration ❗️The SCREAMING farmer is EXACTLY how they are feeling ❗️ If you try to focus on subject matter I am sure you will be able to appreciate Mr. LASLEY ‘s brilliance ❗️?

      • dpeaking of being on topic, how is it that you only appear to defend the indefensible? lastly being brilliant is like saying that crap is golden! guess you and your 2 alter egos just cant face the fact that hate is all you know. Trump may not be the best, but he is soooooo much better than any of the alternatives. He hasnt sold uranium to the russians or missle secrets to the chinese ala the klintons. He hasnt raised the racial issues ala bho and his derogitory comments on police and the military. No you guys need to get a life and realize that hate is not the answer you seem to think it is. Copying the charicature of a movie subject and proclaiming its art is not brilliant, its just another easy cheater way to try to prove to be something you are not!

        • did you say alter egos?hank hank..come on…..i don’t think you should bring up the ego word…. and don’t say trumps not the best guy …we don’t hate trump…hes not a good with politics… people get steamed over his political low I Q …when hes voted out…he might be respected again …then we would not have to be such…hateful bully’s to such a very sensitive man like your hero… president hump

        • stoking fires on issues such as racial emotions ..
          is like sticking a knife in an old american wound…..this is one example as to how trump controls ones mind and focus on his face…which for me is hard to look at very long…Mr trump says he was just kidding allot of times with is redeeerick ..or joking..he could say mexico is paying for some kind of a Berlin dividing type stone wall, and say mexico will pay the zillion dollar the bill…and really thinks he knows what hes talking about ..what a bullshitter…trump calls millions of Americans” the evil enemy”…and has shit hole names for anyone who simply say they don,t agree with his inflated egotistical decisions..there now the enemy and eventually fired or they quit…this behavior trump displays for the world to see is hatred …loving Putin..ching chang of Nk…and then hating more than half his country,is nuts hateful stupid and evil not to mention dividing us like the red see….soooo when hank for example tells other people on this sight there full of hate…i say look in the mirror..and see someone brain submerged trumps hate ..

      • Copying the characature of a movie subject (Somebody elses original drawing) and proclaiming its art is not brilliant. As I posted for you on another name, please provide a link to show the farmers are what you are claiming. Please no propaganda from the dnc msm, get real independent sources.

    • whats the deal here hank?…you didn’t say any thing regarding the american farmer…oh by the way…..they don’t need to be spoon fed by our tax money quick fixes …there to proud for that..especially when he bullshits his trade war results with china………so hank…can you type a comment that doesn’t have as many bad spelled words…..little more respect for the artist…and stay on topic…..sir…..

      • moochell, no matter how many times you change your name its always the same thing with nothing new. Guess to get his count up lastly resorted to having many aliases so he can troll better. So what if I didnt say farmers, why cant you defend what I said or not? Also please provide LINKS that prove your stances, not inuendo and not the propaganda stuff from the dnc msm.

    • ILL BET LASLEY would be happy to draw your self portrait..every one of you wonderful comment artists on this site”’hook up with him…take your family along for a family portrait….he might just do it for could hang it on the A.D. I’S OFFICE WALL…displaying your crew as the trumps local cult club…making history as the greatest trump swallowers of all time…what a master piece it would be…..

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