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Kamala Harris Sounds Drunk as She Answers Question on Gun Control
By Steve Straub

Watch as California Senator Kamala Harris answers a question on gun control. She sounds completely drunk!

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Kamala Harris compares Trump to ‘Wizard of Oz’ on trade: ‘A really small dude’

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., elicited laughs during Thursday night’s debate by comparing President Trump to the “really small dude” in “The Wizard of Oz.”

Harris was discussing trade policies and used the opportunity to criticize Trump, who has taken strong stances on trade, particularly when it comes to China.

“Donald Trump in office, on trade policy, you know he reminds of that guy in ‘The Wizard of Oz,’” Harris said. “You know when you pull back the curtain it’s a really small dude?”

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  1. I guess this one is so important that she has consistently dropped in the polls since her bus riding school days attack and now even the older idiot friedsin is giving a rally for bedriddin himself!

  2. The one thing that protects us from drunks and drug addicts setting up in the White House, is our vigilent mainstream media. You know; ABC, NBC, CNN and the other big networks. We know that we can count on their eagle eyes and keenly tuned ears to notice even the slightest red-flag in the behavior and words of a presidential candidate. Let me just see how our big friendly networks covered this! Wait a minute! None of the big TV news networks mentioned that Kamala was drunk or stoned out of her gourd. I’m sure they’ll catch the next red flags. It’s so unusual for them to miss things that important. Boy, that was close though, huh folks? It’s a good thing for America that the Arizona Daily decided to inform America.

    Seriously; we are witnessing a huge failure by the mainstream media, and an unprecedented public display of absolutely irresponsible leadership by a U.S. Senator is not as shocking to Californians, especially those who held their nose when voting for Kamala. She has a track record of being a corrupt, compromising fraud, who leaves just about everybody feeling cheated, betrayed, ignored and disenfranchised. I can’t think of a single person Kamala has helped. Ever. Perhaps if I take a drink or two, I can think of somebody she’s helped. A better idea would be to thank the honorable U.S. Senator from California for her service, and demand that she resign.

    – Disgusted Californian Democrat who is voting Trump and All Red for Congress & Senate!

  3. If Harris is truly representative of the Democratic challenge then Trump will easily take a second term.

    The Oracle

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