Pima County Supervisors Reject Tobacco Age Ordinance

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TUCSON — On Tuesday, the Pima County Supervisors rejected a proposal to raise the legal age to buy nicotine products to 21 in a 3-2 vote.

Supervisors Ally Miller, Sharon Bronson and Steve Christy opposed the final version of the ordinance.

The measure was also opposed by various health organizations, like the American Cancer Society, due to the fact that it had been watered-down.

Still others, like Supervisor Miller, objected to the ordinance due to the fact that it would create a patchwork of ordinances in the state causing confusion for consumers and retailers. Miller suggested that the issue should be addressed on the state or federal level.

Supervisor Bronson questioned why 18 year-olds can vote and join the military but cannot buy tobacco products. Supervisor Elias responded to Bronson that 18 year-olds cannot buy liquor either.

Supporters of the ordinance had also pushed a twin ordinance for adoption by the City of Tucson.

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  1. Bronson: 18 year-olds can vote and join the military but cannot buy tobacco products.
    unless of course you are FEDERAL base or INDIAN RESERVATION were 18 is still LEGAL.

  2. This is a ridiculous ignorant understanding of governmental authority. I pack of cigarettes has a state issued tax stamp. With that payment of tax the state has to award protection to all those that pay the tax. In this case an 18 year can legally purchase a pack of cigarettes in another county and then be charged with a crime or a retailer that has stores in those that do and dont have the Ordinance of age. What are people thinking change the age law it has to be on a state level.

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