Lasley On Trump In LA

trump comic

Cartoonist/artist Richard Lasley is a native of Southern California, who attended Ventura College and the Art Center School of Los Angeles for Illustration and Design.

He has worked as a freelance artist for many agencies in Los Angeles, New York and was a member of The Illustrator’s Club of Los Angeles.

Currently he resides in Tubac, Arizona. His work is featured at Tubac Presidio Park.


    • here is a better one, ADI DUMPS lastly due to the fact that he distorts reality with drawings that should actually represent the democrap party and is not the choice drawer of many that read the news from the site! But since you and the other 2 are the same and come from kalif you would not understand anyhow. just like your definition of of a ‘looser’ animal. Still dont know what a looser animal is, but we do know what losers are.

  1. Continuation….To my Trumpster buddies,
    Is the world to be divided by Trump and his wonderful dictator friendships? 🇷🇺 🇺🇦 …
    You all repeatedly criticize Obama who was blocked by your republican party ..does not exist anymore! NOW, think DEEP about it because YOUR Republican Party is doing the same thing by breaking the laws of the constitution & trying to destroy our democracy & win the 2020 election ❗️
    Yours truly, Michelle

  2. @Michele: truthfully the drawing illustrates a fictional event that outside of a never Trumpers delusional hate filled mind never took place, and yet your all in as its all hail to to pied piper, so the blind mice can all fall into line.
    Each week the graphite smudges become increasingly and predictably lame and your unwavering support becomes harder to justify.
    Sorry Michelle, we aren’t laughing with you, we’re laughing at you. It’s clearly time to go home…

    The Oracle

  3. BTW – not one gov’t nickel to our house, raised by my mother and grandmother, no brothers, sisters, father. Stay on the beam and get it done. God does take care of you.. he is my father. A great place to open your mind to and accept the great life that is there for you to accept. That simple.

  4. This drawing illustrates Trump’s continuous Lack of Empathy for people who
    Suffer in our country. None of us know circumstances of Americans tangled in desperation. Trump as the leader of our country should and NEEDS to display behavior of a loving, compassionate man with morality and empathy for all human beings❗️Shame on him and you Trumpster followers❗️

    • just like bho did? please tell us what great and wonderful things that clown accomplished other than becoming a multimillionaire while in office when he didnt have a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of if he did! So no the SHAME is on the left and the democraps who place more effort on destroying the country then trying to improve it. What have they accomplished in the past 3 years of any significance other than providing cartoons of how stupid they are!!

        • I did its just that you CANNOT/WILL NOT answer direct questions and can only try to demean the people who do not crumple to your stupid remarks. If you would open your eyes you would see that the man has tried to do what is best for the country unlike your beloved bho and lastly. Neither contribute in a positive way to the country or any comprehensive discussions on it. its always just your way and no one else can be right. Take off the blinders of your hatred of the man and this country.

    • Michele, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Trump has SPOKEN many times about many things, and with all problems the country faces, he has consistently expressed empathy. So that charge is bogus, because what you and the rest of the left want him to do is sign a blank check for your agenda. The problem is that it ain’t his money, it’s the taxpayers. So if you want to call ME uncaring about the homeless situation, go ahead because it’s true. I don’t care. 95% of the homeless are there because of repeated, bad life decisions.

  5. does trump actually even like California? …thought it was one of his labeled sh..t hole states of america…oops….lots of money and honey here……..ahhhh..ha….a place to recharge his enormous ego while lining his pockets ..creature of his own swamp l’d say.. …well that’s a toss up… mr. miller or mr slob bar..just to name a few are lurking like slime balls ……by the way…tossing paper towels to homeless people,is a good thing ….now they can take a trump..wipe there Mitches…and flush the this crew

  6. Just like a carousel horse going round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round it’s yet another weekly anti Trump graphite smudge from the one trick pony of Tubac.
    What are the odds? No say it isn’t so, not more mono themed hate speach.

    The Oracle

    • Oracle; I’m just choosing to ignore this hack, when their is no comments he just may go under, back under the rock he came from. Try it.

    • round and round….over and over again…who feeds endless insanity?the chosen one…breaking law after law ..round and round we go….its all about trumps self made new laws and cahos diversions tactics to follow….american’s don’t like this illegal crap thrown in there face..its trumps crap displayed for all to see THAT’S FLUNG AROUND…displayed by the stable genius LASLEY..week after week after week after week….how ever ..Bolton out is a good move……PUSSING OUT BOMBING IRAN…is good at this ever…trumps Obama revenge..SEEMS TO BE BACK FIREING ….make your bed u sleep in it….

      • please provide some real proof that laws are being broken or are ya just spouting the BS that the left like. yes the stuff lastly draws does come from the ‘stables’ and thats a fact that can be seen by all.

        • heres one law hank….cheated in as pres. of the u s by dictators
          breaks the law ..its a fact….cheaters have a hard time identifying real news…this has snowballed to one huge orange corruption case…good luck with that …oh wait…he fricked it up again… trump worried about BIDEN..seems that way….thought rump ass had no fear…ha ha ha ha ha ha

    • Wow Big Oooo❗️I have a feeling you just might be Trump’s BROTHER ❗️You go round& round&’round & round & round oooooooooo with BS just TRUMPY boy❗️His your orange too?? 💋

  7. to bad so many homeless are carer drug abusers – criminals (of choice or need) refusing to change their way of life – repentance? the same folks day after day at the same corner – stranded need help – stranded by choice?

    • wrong…lots of these homeless losers as you think…b..are having some bud luck..some have kids going to school for example ..b..some our non fixable..alot are pulling themselves up by there boot straps..starting at the bottom and then winning you future is a fact of life for lots of people…but not trump…he has no idea …..the homeless don’t have daddy to bail them out

      • Is that why when you try to give them a job all they want is a handout, not a hand up? we have a need for workers yet these folks dont want jobs just try to Hire one who will ‘work for food’ or is a hard worker.

        • Dear Hanky and Billy B, how can you both be sooo narrow minded to believe homeless people are losers that just want handouts?
          There are many many circumstances that can happen to any of us during our lifetime….Examples: lost job, medical and mental illness/ medical debt, emotionally damaged veterans, NO family, divorce, death of a spouse or partner, young person struggling to build life, old person struggling to find a job…….You two need to open your minds because someday YOU might find yourself needing help and possibly homeless.
          Try to imagine stepping into another’s shoes.. If you could, you might realize that no one would want to endure homelessness ❗️

        • wrong spank it….fix your fricked up homeless in your town..oh wait …your to stupid to think of that…to stupid to think of any other way to a positive solution for these folks”’just use the trump a hole routine….throw them in a cage ..let them suffer and die..trumps a gonner

      • No father here, mom always worked example, first born of an immigrant – I brought two bums home from the park to my mom when I was about 10 years old, she looked at them, told them to unpack, did their laundry, feed them and meal, allowed them to sleep on the floor in our tiny house, told them to hit the road in the morning – that was my lesson to learn – her compassion to share – as well as my understanding of these people on the street. Thank God nothing bad happen when they stayed the night. Don’t need to hear – no daddy to bail them out – their heads are where their heads are… get it out and do something useful for someone.

    • wrong …you don’t know the reality of this homeless thing billy…maybe the homeless in your town…get a grip…u think the same as the ass clown does….so tell big o.. to tell u , u don’t know whats going on in this town..your wisdom has failed upon the homeless bbbbbilly….a lot our temporarily down on there luck and raising kids that go to school every day..a lot are retarded and need special care…a lot of them deserve what they get…what does trump say …. round them up like looser animals..and throw away the key.. the miracle mile should be visited by your hero trump…..ya know.. a needle infested whore house of a blv. id say…ever been there?

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