Stegeman Announces Resignation From TUSD Board Effective Immediately

TUSD Board members Dr. Mark Stegeman and Michael Hicks standing up against bullying tactics [Photo by David Morales]

TUCSON – Tucson Unified School District Governing Board member Mark Stegeman announced his resignation from the board on a local radio program on Thursday. He said his resignation was effective immediately.

Stegeman, an Economics professor at the University of Arizona, has said for some time that he had no confidence that the District’s leadership had the willingness or ability to make the necessary changes to turn the failing organization around.

Stegeman, who had support of democrats and republicans, was easily reelected in 2016. His position will need to be filled by an appointee of Pima County School Superintendent Dustin Williams.


  1. saw another GRIJALVA on tv about this – just like relative raul they continue to RAPE pima county to enrich themselves and DO NOTHING FOR CONSTITUENTS
    just look after 20 years – from airport to downtown – still looks like S-hole raul
    TUSD is top heavy with HIGHLY PAID ADMINISTRATORS and needs to be BROKEN UP INTO 4 districts – call them east, west, south and north

  2. I dont blame Mark. Fightung machine, grijalvas, media ete.

    Thanks amigo for all your efforts.

    As to kiddos i am so sorry. More of adelita and her bias, self centered decisions.

    For those you who vote her in again,again, again , again go figure and you wonder why things are so screwed up at tusd.

  3. Thank you for your service Mark. I continue to hold fast that the only way to fix TUSD is to close TUSD.

  4. the school bored is a joke anyhow, nothing from the red for ed BS yet they claim all is well. Stegman tried to no avail, hicks did little to nothing and was basically a grijalpha follower. Remember he is the one that screwed the pooch on sanchez leaving. Now he is running for the city clowncil where again he will do little to nothing except he will paid to do so. As the head of the school bored he was long on promises and short on delivery, so he must be a typical democrap as that is their game plan is it not?

  5. Heard him on Buckmaster today. As usual Bill was ever the optimist trying to get some positive spin. While that’s not all that bad, he should be more aggressive. His show so it is what it is BUT, in my opinion I believe what Stegeman was trying to say with two words was…”deseg” and “Grijalva” will forever keep TUSD where it’s at.

    Ask yourself, who has the longest tenure on that Board. I’ll bet the answer is Ms Grijalva!!

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