What Is Tucson Elite’s Plan If Things Go Wrong?

Tucson streetcar [Photo from City of Tucson]

Sometimes nuance is everything.  Like if you’re sitting atop a surfboard off a Carolina beach hunting the right wave, or trolling offshore in the Baja looking for fish-sign.  It’s that slightest nuance that triggers your attention.  In reality, the world operates on nuance.

Take Tucson for example; the local “elite” (a term I use loosely) …seems to think they got it all covered. Fat, dumb, happy and smug; Viva Rio Nuevo! Don’t those new beautiful buildings downtown look so impressive?  And how about all those [rich] folks moving there to live?

Forget the mortal exits of some local shakers, or even a ‘big dog’ like John McCain. Forget the elites’ Creation from the Leftist Lagoon, Regina Romero, who ran-off Grand Canyon University, and has now harpooned an even bigger fish, Toronto’s HudBay Minerals.

Pay no attention to all those Raytheon relo-romances with Texas, Colorado, others, and that new Raytheon parent company (remember, they got bought?). Won’t matter a bit to the [McCain-less] Armed Services Committee.  And how about all those big promises to Caterpillar, pre-Rosemont?

Nuance even extends to the Tucson elite’s media of choice: the Arizona Daily [Red] Star, who’s getting a new half-owner, the newspaper Godzilla, Gatehouse Media.  Does the UoA’s illustrious J-school offer post-grad counseling services?

Speaking of universities, pay no attention to ASU Prez Michael Crow’s basic (and very public) doctrine that universities are supposed to be job creation magnets.  Nobody cares in Tucson, or hangs around, it now seems.

Yep, nuance after nuance builds, and at some point cognition fires a mighty insight; Tucson could shortly be in deep doo-doo.

But take heart, Old Pueblo.  We have all the great wizened heads of finance, business, law, military, the cable cartel, and that ever indispensible popular facade, not-for-profit, assembled in one location to quide us.  I’m speaking of SALC, the Southern Arizona Leadership Council, who’ve been doing ….well you know.

They’ve been johnny-on-the-spot for all PimaCo and the Grijalva Gang’s fabulous infrastructure spending.  And let’s not forget all those [failed] bond elections.  And they came out soooooo hard to help the Tucson Ward-Only initiative drive, because they divinely intuited how absolutely crooked the city’s “at-large” council election scheme is. I’m sure they’ll work equally hard against the *THL & *PHL’s latest Frankenstein creation, Prop 205 (Yeah, right).

Whether they realize it or not, this is a truly pivotal election for Tucson’s future. Whether to achieve its tremendous potential, or just muddle along as a bigger & angrier version of Nogales?

I might not be on this crowd’s Christmas card list, but even a low-brow, mouth-breather like me—can see Tucson’s headed to some very rough waters.  What was it Einstein said about the definition of insanity?  And oh yes, did I mention McCain had died?

Sellers is a South Park Republican who lives in Oro Valley.  His background is federal tech-transfer commercialization.  Contact him at readbill19@usa.net   *Tucson/Pima Hard Left 

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Bill Sellers is a resident of southern Arizona. He is active in local politics.