Democrats Ignore Sinema Power Plant Vote, Call Out McSally On Fuel Economy Standards

Arizona State Sen. Juan Mendez

PHOENIX – Two Arizona legislators are calling on Sen. Martha McSally to reject a change proposed by the Trump administration to relax fuel economy standards. The current standards were created by the Obama administration in 2012.

Arizona state Sen. Juan Mendez and State Rep. Isela Blanc held a press conference that was short on information and sparsely attended. It did provide a platform to attack McSally and attempt to paint her into a corner on fuel standards and climate change.

“McSally has the opportunity to show us exactly the kind of leader she is. Whether or not a state should be able to protect its citizens from pollution should not be a political issue. This proposal is an attack on state’s rights just as much as it is an attack on common sense safeguards to protect us from pollution,” stated Mendez, who ignored his long record of ignoring state’s rights as he tried to make pollution a political issue.

Virtually no mention was made about Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and her position on the changes. This is likely due to the fact that Sinema is safe in her seat while McSally is up for election and being challenged by Democrat Mark Kelly.

Two days after the press conference, Sinema was one of three Democrats who rejected her Democrat colleagues’ attempt to overturn a Trump administration power plant regulation. Democratic criticism of Sinema’s vote has been largely muted.

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