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Lasley on the bribe….


Cartoonist/artist Richard Lasley is a native of Southern California, who attended Ventura College and the Art Center School of Los Angeles for Illustration and Design.

He has worked as a freelance artist for many agencies in Los Angeles, New York and was a member of The Illustrator’s Club of Los Angeles.

Currently he resides in Tubac, Arizona. His work is featured at Tubac Presidio Park.



  1. ANOTHER failed scribble by the Las-low. He has no talent, doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on… give it up you hack. You aren’t going to convince anyone except maybe lying pencil-neck Adamn Schiff. And there’s no talking to your hackilings… all they wanna do is denigrate.

    • OH MY … the wimpy little Coyote is Howling aimlessly again❗️You and Mr Hanky- poo should try trotting around the desert ? together and get blood flowing your dysfunctional brains❗️?

      • Clarification to Howling Coyote & Mr Hanky…
        In other words, getting the blood flowing through brain ? might activate some of your damaged brain cells….?… who knows, one of you might make some sense one day?

  2. sure billy.. blame this MESS, trump as created on someone else .geeeeeeeze typical republican weakness play card…….didn’t your parents teach you to be responsible for your own actions?…..i would say so…u don’t seem that stupid…right?….u seem defending this master bully ,as hes lies through his teeth ,then says he can kill anybody he wants and get away with it..then admits to the world he fricken broke every american law emplimented.. and then says what are u gunna do about it?…well.. the majority of americans aren’t buying this bully crap trump spreads around….think again bb…

    • Me thinks you have him confused with your beloved bho who blamed EVERYTHING on soebody else. Typical democrap cannot take responsibility for anything. I think you need to review your history book on goerbels, as you are trying to provide the same as he did. Tell big enough LIES long enough and then people will believe them. Still waiting for creditable links to you and your twins rants. yes, I am refrring to moochell, and I guess her other name Scherie Dee.

      • is trump the chosen one? billy b………and if he is, what was he chosen to do? what’s wrong with this picture….maybe it’s ….Make America’s Genius Again…what do ya think bb… is trump a liar? or is he just making really stupid harmless joke’s for american’s to laugh at ..whats your take……………by the way, digging back to the ob. and cl. day’s, as u and other’s seem to do still to this day.shows you could be running out of real option’s defending your trump from being impeached….last year and the year before we debated and clashed about trumps bullying egotistic moral shattering way’s……now hes getting impeached…wow….of course nothing’s trump fault….right?……….ok.. that’s my take……toooot

        • real stretch to say he is ‘being impeached’, he is a long way from it just read the news in creditable news sources, even some of the left leaning have stated publicly that there is nothing there! As to who is at fault it lies within the political system of the left. What have they DONE regarding anything but claiming SINCE the election that they will impeach him? If he is not qualified tell us if bho was even qualified. Yes he sat in a legislative position voting present for his elected career but did that qualify him? So give the president his fair shake and make the left/dems do something for the COUNTRY and not themselves.

  3. Geeze…..Mr. Lasley’s illustration is Perfectly to the point as it brilliantly illustrates exactly Trump’s corruption and slim ball behavior ❗️ When Will You Trumpsters address Sunday’s Subject matter & the fact that your Trump has broken the oath of office and has betrayed the American people ??! He made a sleazy, illegal and immoral totally corrupt bribe❗️……so tell me … that is okay with you??? We are talking about what Trump did as our Leader of the United States of America! Is this acceptable to you as an American citizen?? Never mind democratic or republican ❗️This has to do with right or wrong and being an patriotic American ??

  4. Dear BS — Perhaps it’s because tRump is in office and Biden is not? Read your Constitution — can’t impeach a non-office holder. And for the record, Biden is as tied to the corporate Establishment as tRump and won’t get my support.

    Dear BillyB — In case you haven’t noticed, it’s tRump and his billionaire class who brought about the present globalization, with help from both the Dimocrats and Republikooks in office. And tRump’s promises to reverse that globalization – and bring American jobs back from China, Vietnam, Mexico, Bangladesh, etc. etc. — have turned out to be hot air. But then, tRump is a globalist himself, with business interests in some two dozen countries around the world, including such bastions of democracy as Russia, China, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Panama, Turkey and Egypt. (Source: Time Magazine, January 10, 2017.)

    P.S. I didn’t vote, and would not vote, for Hilary, for the same reason I won’t vote for Biden — too tied to the corporate Establishment. You are so wrong about what “the left” wants. How about health care as a basic right, rebuilding the middle class, getting the plutocrats to pay their fair share, making racism and gender discrimination unpopular again, making college affordable, affordable housing, making America great again with good jobs that can help slow killer climate change, and respect for the Constitution and separation of powers instead of rule by decree?

    • Nice job of deflection Al. I never said Biden needed to be impeached, I said that the real crime is being over looked, just as it has all along with these looney leftists and their MSM “journalists” and so called cartoonists, with their family members ranting on incoherently. Good try though!

      • miss. b s…… that .. BIDEN time.. long ago that you and your trump buddy’s love to brings up, is a cheap ass defense to lean on has nothing to do with trumps Ukraine corruption of to day….trump says he was investigating joe b and son so called business corruption plot……..while mr.trump corrupts our election system at the same time. with bribery black mail threats and lies directed at pres. Zelenskiy. it’s just trump using his bully tactics again recorrupting himself ..that’s the exciting part right? , u trump love followers? he can get away with murder and no one can to a thing about it..he can bad mouth country’s and city’s,and humiliate the people that live there.. with his shit hole name calling… all u guy’s can laugh all u want at trumps evil deed’s….have fun

    • Prince Albert in the can… The “Globalization” is indeed from both parties, including the BUSH group, #1 brought and spoke of the new world order, as did his secretary of state at the UN, as did the POPE with the deal that brought down the Berlin wall, that Pope.. oh the Pope and what did the Catholics do during WWII – this move to globalization is not new, but Trump is trying to move away from it and make America America again, not some dump – Clinton was seen as the catalyst for America to give up to the UN with Carbon power and taxes, The chosen Black – gave billions in cash to bring the country to an end and it’s not over yet – the EU reversed and Germany and BritX have spoken of Trump in negative tone because of their globalist views – they want the world led by the UN in Brussels… oh it’s in NYNY… not for long – watch what happens – this is the battle for the ‘one world government’ with all the people control it will bring with it… including the mark of the beast – control all you do.. just over the horizion. That swap establishment wants to have globalism for them to win out – Can you imagine Kerry being secretary of anything? Clinton – the next democratic president? Lets see what happens

    • Russia, China, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Panama, Turkey and Egypt.

      SO here’s your order Al

      Russia, Turkey, IRAN, Lebanon, Syria – all one side
      China – UAE – House of Saud – Egypt

      It’s the two sides of Muslim – for the moment we have the USAF in Saudi –

      The Russians with the noted countries are biblical – read it yourself.

      We’re getting close Al –

  5. Mr. Lasley:
    I LOVE your brilliance, talent, and position. You are ALWAYS so perfectly accurate. Please keep up the great work.

    • S c h e r i e .. scherie baby…..can you come out tonite……….s c h e r i e …scherie baby…… can you come out tonite……………………….why don’t you…. come out to my twist party…where the bright moon shines…..we can dance the night away…….and make you mine mine mine…………………..what a wonderful commentator you are………….thanks for that

  6. I wonder why actual video proof of Vice-President Biden seeking Quid Quo Pro is ignored by the lunatic leftists? The imaginations that accuse President Trump, must somehow blind them from the truth.

    • What??? video proof?? Dearest BS Video proof of What??? Biden has been cleared of any wrong doing❗️That man has dedicated his life to doing good for our country! Traitor Trump & his corrupt lawyer started all the BS regarding Biden❗️…..Seems your name fits you like a glove Mr. BS?

    • quid quo pro…..i thought that was all bull crap..according to the trump republicook’s.. ……..trump sends his crazy rudy julie new lawyer over to visit zelensky a year ago to find a Biden family corruption factor …. trump could have made some since on this stuff, justifying his July’s orders…but noooooooo….its clintons dosssye…….how ever you spell it……its the bidens who are corrupt from years past is where he should have left it,right or wrong …but noooooooo mr. untouchable wisdom trump’s ego, has done it again ,breaking the american elect system laws, with bribes and blackmail directed at Zelenzky ……do to wrongs make a right? this is where we are now..come on trump …if u use your brain rather than your ego..we’ll all be better off…..a smart stable genius doesn’t shoot himself in the foot as trump does….hmmmmmmmmmm maybe he does have bone spurs …..this man acts tuff on the outside ,and what a wimp it seems he is on the inside

    • trumps is just easy to pick on…the guy’s been jerking with people emotion’s the last three year’s. nonstop ……………his competitor’s have always been considered his enemy it seem’s .how did this billionaire business man become president…this is shocking to a lot of american’s … how he developed this “enemy syndrome” in his brain is any body’s guess.maybe bone spur’s have some thing to do with it,imagining his own real enemy’s he never experienced. i think this has been a huge problem for our country and for trumpy boy himself …….this behavior he has favored doesn’t seem to be to healthy for him or our country….all the people he has angered will naturally fight back just giving him a piece of his own medicine ……………now people don’t pay enough attention to all the wonderful accomplishments he has been claiming……….

  7. its easy the left want’s globalization and one world government – the catalysts for this are ‘carbon’ everything – socialization – no borders – and rule by the UN – its very popular in the EU – the reason they hate TRUMP because of his ‘nationalistic view point’ with which many American’s agree ‘make AMERICA great again’ being view as anti-globalization – and that is it in a NUT SHELL – it’s what the left want’s it’s what was lost with the election of Hillary not being elected – its what the left is now pushing… it will make an America you and I have never seen and this is what they want, why this COUP is taking place now..

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