Gosar Achieves “Legendary” Status With Epstein, Katie “Throuple” Hill Tweets

Rep. Paul Gosar achieved “legendary” status on Wednesday for a series of tweets involving the current popular meme, “Epstein didn’t kill himself.” His tweets gained the attention of the media, but it wasn’t until that media attention captured the attention of former Rep. Katie Hill that the congressman blew up the twittersphere and became a “legend.”

In less than one hour, Gosar’s tweet response to Hill had been retweeted nearly 2000 times and had earned 6.3 thousand “likes.”

Hill, who was forced to resign from office earlier this month due to revelations that she was paying staff with whom she was having intimate relations. Hill and her now estranged husband were a “throuple” with the staffer.

Hill went after Gosar on Wednesday for his series of tweets in which he spelled out a coded message (the first letter of each tweet), “Epstein didn’t kill himself.”