Lasley On Trump’s World

trump world comic


Cartoonist/artist Richard Lasley is a native of Southern California, who attended Ventura College and the Art Center School of Los Angeles for Illustration and Design.

He has worked as a freelance artist for many agencies in Los Angeles, New York and was a member of The Illustrator’s Club of Los Angeles.

Currently he resides in Tubac, Arizona. His work is featured at Tubac Presidio Park.


    • Get literate before you try hurling insults you dolt. And you aren’t funny. Go hone your “comedy routine” somewhere where you can entertain similar dolts without fear of embarrassing yourself.

      • If Lasley painted train tracks on a large rock into a dark tunnel with distant head light’s of train heading directly at you ……coyote…… echoing beep beep………dummy the coyote’s face would end out being re stuffed and framed over some ones fire place………….

        • Lasl-low couldn’t paint a straight line to image train tracks. He has to use a ruler to make straight lines just to keep his letters the same size. And you have as much imagination as he has… and that’s not a compliment. By the way, I really DO recommend remedial reading and writing classes. Much of what you say makes no sense. But with the proper education, someone in the future might, probably not, but might take you seriously. THEN you can learn about our political system.

  1. If you want to see some great political illustration… look up SABO. He puts Las-low to shame on every level. Aaaaaand he lives in Las-lows old atomping ground…LA.

    • Billy…Billy…Billy B….
      Your Trump Russian lover is the WRONG one that you ought to address Billy B Buddy Boy…?

      • Michelle – Clinton is ‘now coming out – oh to think of me running in 2020 this entire thing has been a show and sham from her first buying this ‘research paper’ from the Russians.. as I’ve posted – Clinton is and will be the D candidate – there has never been any question in my mind. Now the question will be, will they, or how will they change the constitution so that the electoral college is negated – they know that’s the only way they can win – to ignore the fly over states and dominate… by a small margin – with democratic cities over ruling the nation – I do think that is what may come of this – not because I favor it but because it is the time in which we live.. the nation will fall from within as Lincoln so warned.

        • how can Clinton change the constitution election rule’s ,after trump try’s to re arrange its face?..and who are…. they?.. as u refer too bb. ya know , the one’s that are gunna eliminate the constitutional elect tore hole vote to favor there win?…..aaand. u say the dem’s are gunna over ruling city’s all over the nation….then they’ll ignore people and dominate …… say.. to think of me running in 2020 the entire thing has been a sham or a show from her buying research paper’s from russian’ that one’s really a head tripper ……billy b …im just trying to figure your point of view…seem’s u have pretty closely figured out, except one thing..u got the dems and the republikook’s figured backward’s……………nice try……..

  2. ‘Well done Las-low” (dripping sarcasim…) Your lack of artistic talent shows again… if that is supposed to be PRESIDENT Trump, it doesn’t have the faintest resemblance. Go back to “art” school ya hack. And wow… you have even managed to integrate color into your scribbles… MOST impressive. What is your favorite crayola color? Yellow?

    • Oh my Howling Coyote …..What art school did you attend little sweet butter cup? Happy Howling Sunday ❗️?

      • I’m not the one doing the scribbles, but then you aren’t too good at noticing that Las-low has little if any talent. By the way.. my son is an illustrator who has actually won prizes in international competition… and hasn’t done some lame-azz scribbling for three acknowledged left-wing doodle worshippers

    • Mr. Wonderless Poo… you have all the attributes of a moron. And you’re about as literate as a stool sample.

  3. well done Lasley…the trump Russia ties was considered a witch it’s a which hunt……the stable chosen genius,concluded it’s all a Mueller hoax…..b bar doesn’t pass the health exam ,mentally or physically to be an effect A G…he needs to workout and sweat the fat off his body and away from his brain….maybe then he’ll grow a backbone .trump know’s takes one to know one….. brainwashed bar is trumps hand puppet now………………trump thinks he’s the untouchable chosen one of all time now , and brings his Russian play game to Ukraine ………..he sends the no necked cross dressing lawyer Rudy do his dirty deeds for him….seems like some sort of mafia drug deal to me……wow these guys are plain stupid ..they think they dodged the first Russian WITCH HUNT ..and then start the fire raging all over again…….really stupid plan by these guy’s ..the mafia bully’s are going down …….

      • now listen here you young puppy of a’ve really hurt my feelings this time……. .i tried very hard on that last comment to make my view points as simple as possible and intelligent and educational ,very fair and factual beautiful statement quality, pleasantly humorous ,even crafted for a thick sculled coyote to understand.. and and and …..oh geeeze… im starting to cry …i hope your happy you little whippersnapper ..excuse me while i howl yo the moon

    • Wonderful – learn to read

      you brain is full of “D”mush

      Interesting isn’t it, Clinton announcing
      The US reversing it’s position on Israel – two nation solution

      More pieces of the puzzle falling into place… won’t be long now

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