Oro Recall Valley: Sunday’s Comic

Bill Rodman, Steve Solomon, and Rhonda Piña your Oro Valley recall team!

oro valley comic

Oro Valley town council members Rhonda Piña, Steve Solomon, and Bill Rodman have never met a tax increase they didn’t like, and now it looks like they will go to any lengths to get another one….


  1. Liberals have been invading the Oro Valley
    Town Council for more than two decades now.

    Their “expertise” is turning Oro Valley into
    the Town of North Tucson- exactly the fear
    which lead the Town Founders in the late 1960’s
    to form Oro Valley in the first place.

    Compare that to Marana which was going through
    the incorporation process around the same time.
    Oro Valley snubbed Marana as a “cow-poke” farming

    Now 40 years later, Marana is handily outperforming
    Oro Valley despite the additional costs of having to
    manage a larger land area; [~121 square miles vs. ~36
    square miles for Oro Valley] with a fairly similar
    number of residents. {Marana ~47,000 and Oro Valley

  2. This reminds me of an old fairy tale where the subject was granted three wishes and, as each wish was granted, the petitioner became more greedy and self-focused, whereupon the grantor finally said: “Go back to where you came from (in wretched conditions) as you have no compassion for anyone or anything beyond yourself!” These ‘morals’ taught in that manner, seem applicable to what’s happening here. Those totally unwilling to learn from childhood to model adult behavior behavior beyond the: “Me. Me. Me. I want and deserve it ALL!” seem to hold themselves above the wider population of hard-working and well-intentioned citizens and the potential which lies within the total community of young to very-old. Let’s work together in a spirit of cooperation, honor the People’s representatives who were chosen to serve, contribute time, talent and resources to better (not tear down) our community and model ourselves as responsible adults to whom our children and grandchildren can point with pride. OK? Try it; you’ll like it!

  3. Mayor Winfield and Vice Mayor Barrett have patiently listened to whoever wanted to speak at many different meetings. Quite obviously the 36 holes of golf weren’t enough on our town taxpayers back? Now you want to bond more money instead of our town “Pay As You Go” philosophy that Oro Valley was built on and put us more into debt. Many more residents do not live on a golf course or obviously play golf at all here according to the rounds played.
    Recall? That is crazy. We finally have a majority of council that at least is respectful to us. The best thing that ever happened to Oro Valley was this past election. Believe me, the residents know this and do NOT want to go back to Developer controlled Oro Valley.
    The majority of residents here see Mayor Winfield, Vice Mayor Barrett and the new council is working on behalf of “ALL” of us residents not just a selected small group of people that put their interests above the majority.
    50 million in unfunded liabilities between police and township employees. Municipal Buildings needing millions of dollars of repairs,
    The irrigation system and hole repairs on the courses need a 3.8 million dollar bond?. I don’t want to pay for a bond or use other important funds for these golf courses.It seems to me that those that fought for these courses know they will never self sustain and will continue to be a drain.
    NO! to a recall its in the majority’s best interest to continue working with Mayor Windfield and Vice Mayor Barrett!

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