No More Deaths volunteer found not guilty of harboring illegal aliens

Scott Warren
Scott Warren’s 2018 arrest occurred just hours after No More Deaths released videos purportedly showing Border Patrol agents destroying water jugs and food volunteers had left behind. Advocates contend his arrest was retaliation by Border Patrol. (Photo by John Moore)

TUCSON – A volunteer with migrant aid group No More Deaths, Scott Warren, was found not guilty of harboring illegal aliens on Wednesday. Warren’s first federal trial ended in a mistrial in June 11.

Warren faced up to 20 years in prison if he had been convicted.

Warren was arrested Jan. 17, 2018, near Ajo. Border Patrol agents John Marquez and Brendan Burns were surveilling “the barn,” which is an old house that serves as a base of operations for No More Deaths, according to Cronkite News. As they approached the structure, they spotted Warren and two undocumented Central American immigrants, Kristian Perez-Villanueva and Jose Arnaldo Sacaria-Goday.

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    • Yes richard, BUT, they belong on their OWN side and as we do on ours. How many people of the USA do you see sneaking into mexico? Also they have no RIGHTS to anything in mexico even if they go there legally! Nothing like wanting to give handouts to all illegals while doing really nothing for citizens!

  1. In the corrupt Arizona Justice system Democrats are allowed to break the law.

    It’s like White Line Fever where CJ comes back to Tucson to discover local trucking is run by criminals!

    • Warren was found Not Guilty by a jury — that is hardly a “corrupt Arizona justice system.” It’s the American Way. MASA! Make America Sane Again!!

      • Not wanting to speak for Wayne, and his comment may have inferred the entire Justice system is corrupt, but we all know given the right judge and attorney in Pima County gets you much more lenient sentences and/or verdicts. Gus Aragon and the Brito case come to mind.

  2. How often does No More Deaths go out and clean up the trash they leave in the desert?
    Are environmental groups ok with littering the landscape with plastic bottles?

    • Simple… NEVER! It’s usually the AZ Game and Fish that sponsor hunters going out and collecting the mountains of garbage left by illegals crossing the desert.

  3. Just like the ‘good ole days’ the Democrats are back in the slave trade.

    Exploiting, enslaving and creating dependency is what they do best.

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