Tucson Elder Home Caregiver Sentenced For Defrauding 92-Year-Old Homebound Victim

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A Tucson woman, Mona Rodriguez, an elder home caregiver, was sentenced to prison for defrauding 92-year-old homebound victim. Rodriguez’s sentence was issued after pleading to guilty to Wire Fraud.

Rodriguez, age 37, and her mother, co-defendant Margaret Gastelum, provided home care assistance for the 92-year-old homebound victim. In her plea agreement, Rodriguez admitted that she and Gastelum gained access to the victim’s banking information and fraudulently used funds from the victim’s bank accounts.

Rodriguez and Gastelum also fraudulently used the victims’ credit cards and Rodriguez obtained a credit card in the victim’s name without the victim’s consent.

The court also ordered Rodriguez to pay $171,631 in restitution for the losses sustained by the victim.

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