Candidate Spotlight On Rhonda Piña: Sunday’s Comic

Rhonda Piña comic

Rhonda Piña has done such a bang-up job for the cronies in Oro Valley that she has been recruited to run for the Pima County Board of Supervisors. Chuck Huckelberry, who contributed to her Oro Valley Town Council campaign a while back will be thrilled to add another rubber stamp to the board.

Supervisor Ally Miller has kept her promise to only serve two terms and announced her decision to move on this week. If Rhonda Piña takes her place, the Chuckster (as he is affectionately known), will have a watch-dog-free board. Watch out Pima County – a regressive sales tax is coming your way! Taxing the poor and enriching the cronies is the Piña County way! 😉

Oro Valley Fight Over Golf Course Future Continues

The conversation over what to do about golf courses in Oro Valley turned heated on Wednesday July 31, during a Special Meeting of the Oro Valley Town Council.

Council members Rhonda Pina, Steve Solomon, and Bill Rodman were described as “bullies” by a number of attendees.

The controversial purchase of the El Conquistador golf courses from Humberto Lopez’s HSL Properties, by the Town in December 2014 has fractured the community while costing taxpayers millions of dollars for upkeep.

The purchase was so unpopular that it led to an overhaul of the Council by residents in the 2018 election. Then Mayor Satish Hiremath, and Council members Mary Snider, Lou Waters and Joe Hornat were ousted by voters and replaced by challengers Joseph Winfield, Melanie Barrett, Josh Nicolson and Joyce Jones-Ivey…

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