Pima Supervisors Rubber Stamp Huckelberry Plan To Increase Taxes, Reduce Services

Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry (left) and Assistant County Attorney Andy Flagg (right).

Meeting on December 3, 2019, the Pima County Board of Supervisors approved Resolution 2019-89 setting out the County’s state legislative agenda compiled by County Administrator Charles Huckelberry.   In it were tax increases, cuts in service and pension contributions, and major hits to county transparency.   The vote was 3-2, with supervisors Miller and Christy voting against Huckelberry’ plan.

Included in the package the county wants the state to approve a fifteen-cents per gallon increase in the gas tax and an equivalent “road tax” for electric vehicles.  There is also a proposed excise, sales or “transaction privilege” tax to fund pensions for elected officials and public safety “participants.”  Huckelberry’s memo to the BOS says any tax plan should “not severely harm the county taxpayer.”  Harm is okay, as long as it’s not “severe.”

While proposing to tax county residents for those pensions, he also proposes reducing pension contributions, and thus pension benefits, for those public safety “participants” by eliminating overtime from retirement benefit calculations.

Citing the printing of the Arizona Daily Star in Phoenix and the “consolidation” of the US Postal Service there, Huckelberry proposed, and the Supervisors approved, eliminating all mail and newsprint notices of government operations required by law.  These include bid notices and surplus property sales.  Instead of being notified by mail or by newspaper ads, residents would have to go to the county website on their own initiative to find them.

The resolution also seeks reductions in some services by cutting off county contributions to the Arizona Dept. of Juvenile Corrections and the state’s Long Term Care System administered by AHCCCS.

The legislative agenda will be carried to Phoenix by Pima County’s hired lobbyist, Michael Racy, who receives $280,000 per year just from Pima County.  His other clients include Diamond Ventures; potential conflict-of-interest concerns have been ignored by the county for years.  Racy is a lavish contributor to political campaigns, dispensing over $10,000 in 2016 to both Democrats and Republicans.

For more on lobbyist Michael Racy, go to: https://arizonadailyindependent.com/2016/08/24/pima-countys-secret-government-continued/

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  1. In watching the board of supervisor meeting reported on above, I noticed although supervisor christy voted against the 15 cent per gallon gas tax -it wasn’t for the reason I would expect. It wasn’t because we are taxed too much already, not because it hits those who are economically challenged the most, but because…”he doesn’t like how the formula distributes the money”? Are you serious! It doesn’t matter how much money the state sends pima county for the roads if we continue to not use it for roads! christy continues to be a disappointment…just another steve k.

  2. Anybody with a dime, hand it over. And by the way, we aren’t going to tell you that you must hand it over, you’ll have to look it up or we’ll come after you. I suppose that means a lot of bowling alleys are going to find that they are now county property as well.

    • Funny how the bowling alley sits boarded up to this day but they had to have it right away.

      I’ll bet they don’t cut the $2,000,000 budget of the “Communications Dept”, aka Spin Cycle!

  3. Sounds like the city of Tucson. More taxes and less service. Don’t increase the gas tax. What about taxing bicyclist? They use ouf maintained roads for free. It is tim for Pima County residents to start voting these people out. Also tim for Huckleberry to take a pay cut.

    • What do you bet that the 3 liberals will continue to tax the hell out of us, cut our services, cut our benefits but continue to lavishly support the illegal criminals flooding across our border? After all, what can you expect from politicians who turn criminals into cops.

  4. Brain dead democraps live in pima co and even brain dead supervisors are more rampant. They do not understand the meaning of rejection of past proposed overrides and tax increases. Maybe now those that suck off the public tit better known as county employees will wake up and vote these clowns out of office at the next opportunity. Big question is how much $$ is chucklberry going to make off of these proposals? The rest of the bos are just too stupid to be able to get any graft out of it and they sold their souls for what a few election $$?

  5. Just another article citing corruption, cronyism, and conflicts of interest. As long as he has his three votes the average taxpayer is neutered.

    Voters in Pima County must be either too lazy to inform themselves or they just don’t care! How long do you want this stuff to go on?

    • That’s the value of ADI, reporting stories that the kept press ignores. If the stories don’t get out, voters will never know about the crony deals and corruption.

    • Scott,

      I agree. However, slamming us residents is not a horribly useful way to go about making your statement. I am well educated, I do care, and I do vote. I read these articles and find myself frustrated not only with the situation but also with my (percieved) inability to make a meaningful change.

      I don’t think I’m alone in my frustration. Do you have any suggestions to promote change in our community? All I hear in your comment is you complaining about the residents of Pima county.

      I don’t mean to come off as rude. My question is sincere.

      • I appreciate your feedback and I realize it sounds like a blanket statement. My intention was to infer “many” or “to often” voters are just lazy and/or misinformed. I hope that softens it up a bit and I know there are many many residents that feel their vote means nothing.

        With regard to a suggestion, I’m at a loss. I have worked on campaigns called into talk shows and nothing ever seems to change in this town. The liberals, a majority of the Democrats, the UofA, the BOS and the COT are too big a wall to tear down.

        I will never give up hope though.

        P.S. Albert, many times I have mentioned that the ADI is the ONLY place one would read about these things so I wholeheartedly agree with you. I just wish they were more well known.

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