Operation Naughty List Nets Mesa Human Trafficking Suspects

operation naughty list suspects

Operation Naughty List, a Mesa Police Department undercover investigation netted sex crimes and human trafficking suspects. The suspects either solicited or brokered deals for various sex acts and were subsequently arrested.

According to Mesa Police, the suspects in this operation ranged in age from 26 to 80 years old.

Edwin Uriel Sanchez 03/18/93 Prostitution
David Stapley 08/21/84 Prostitution
Andrew James Simington 01/30/38 Prostitution
Hector Rodriguez 07/13/85 Prostitution
Bradley Michael Axan 10/15/61 Prostitution
Richard Louis Abraham 07/08/48 Prostitution
Kurt Steven Ellsworth 09/27/53 Prostitution
Jorge Omar Martinez 09/20/78 Prostitution
Jose Cortes-Barrera 03/19/84 Prostitution
Lamberto Robles 09/17/79 Prostitution
Constantino Najera 10/20/77 Prostitution
Benjamin Avilas Macias 02/15/82 Prostitution
Anthony Michael Marcos 12/12/55 Prostitution
Michael William Schneider 03/24/62 Prostitution
Milton Munoz Pineda 01/17/88 Prostitution
Lamont Marquis Johnson 03/06/86 Prostitution
Joel Stephan Goble 08/11/85 Prostitution
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